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4149 update breaks {} indentation for Java syntax


I have been using Java with LSP for months, and after the update, typing an if statement with curly braces, and then pressing Return, caused the close curly brace not to be indented at all.

I simply reverted back to 4148 and it went back to normal.

Shoot - I think I might need to file a bug rather than mention it here. Happy to do so if someone can tell me how/where to do it? (If it hasn’t already been done…)




The only Java related change between 4148 and 4149 is

I don’t see how it should be involved in changing indentation behavior.

I’ve tried with following simple dummy. Indentation in if statements seems to work fine.

class Foo () {

	public interface foo();

	public void method() {

		if (true) {

Therefore an example code would be appriciated which it fails for.



Sorry for not getting back. Looks like it was fixed in a subsequent update.