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Vertical Tab Bar


So, due to Atom being horrendously slow on some larger projects I’m working on, I’m switching back to Sublime Text. To be honest it’s nice to be back, the speed is fantastic and the community is as great as ever!

One thing I’m really missing from Atom though was a little hack I made in my personal style sheet. I moved the tab bar over and made it vertical, which made managing a lot of files much easier. Since I use very wide screens this setup worked perfectly for me.

Any way this could be hacked in or made in a package? I realize there is the “Open Files” option for the tree view, but that honestly doesn’t provide the same functionality, I could be anywhere in the tree for my massive project, but I want to see my open files at a glance.




Yep, as I mentioned I’ve seen and used that option. It unfortunately isn’t the same, because it’s integrated into the tree view column, meaning if I’m scrolling downward in my massive tree view of my very large project, I can’t see my open files, and if I’m looking at my 30+ open files, I can’t see my tree view.

The best thing about my setup with Atom is that both columns were completely independent. I could scroll through and even hide the tree view, and my open files view would not be affected. The Open Files bar was, in fact, the exact same tab bar as on top but restyled a little bit. I understand that may be much easier with Atom given the views are just HTML and CSS, but I figured it was worth checking out to see if something like this would be possible in Sublime.



Many users agree that the sidebar is lacking; this is one more feature it doesn’t have. I’d also like to see a vertical bar of opened files. It’d be useful if Sublime exposed a way for plugins to create custom sidebars with custom entries, etc.

There could probably be a command that displays opened files in the command palette, and you could fuzzy-search to select them. However I don’t think the size of the palette is customizable so you’d always get the same fixed number of items in view, which is a bummer. And of course this comes with the downside that you can’t see your files at-a-glance; you have bring up the palette and type that command.



An API for custom side bars and tab bars would be ideal. I actually want to experiment with tab bar UIs, I’d like to create a sort of managed tab bar that groups related files together (imagine the JS, CSS, and template for a web component being grouped together, or the View and Controller code for a Rails app). Having an API would allow the community to experiment and grow.



Would love to have this. Old thread, but I hope this is still considered as it’s hard to manage lots of tabs with their current layout.