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Usability... thanks for creating the awesome editor


I recently downloaded Sublime Editor to use as part of my python coding. But WOW… It has become not only one of the tools, but I also use for coding. BUT, it has become my primary tools for reading files.

It has replaced Notepad++ and has become the tool of choice when working both with text files, and when creating a document as the interface really helps me with reading text as I am dyslexic.

So WOW thanks for creating the awesome editor.

Kudos to you all.

The General…



I also would like to say thanks! Sublime Text has also became my primary and main editor for everything involving plain text data. I use it for C++, Java, Python, shellscript, Windows Batch, LaTeX, JavaScript, React, and anything else I had forgotten to mention.

I come to Sublime Text after a long journey with countless other tools. In the beginning when I was a newbie, I heavily used Eclipse IDE, Netbeans IDE, Visual Studio Professional, IntelliJ IDEA, Notepad++, and much other I forgotten their names.

None of them beats Sublime Text because Sublime Text is incredibly fast and has very low memory use. But actually, if I was about to deploy a project for Android, I would initially use Android Studio IDE because that damn thing setups everything, all android echo system, even put up a virtual machine for immediate testing in a single click, which is incredible. But definitely, after using Android Studio to setup everything, I would just open a Sublime Text project within the code files of the Android Studio and start coding from Sublime Text, while only running and deploying the Android application code on Android Studio, or maybe even forget about Android Studio and run things by some automated script I could come up with and run directly from Sublime Text.

I hope in the future updates of Sublime Text, it keeps being as good it is today, for ever and ever!


Sublime Text versus Visual Studio Code in 2019

Hi, addonn_zz.

I am glad that I am not the only one that can see the benfits of this simple, yet powerfull application.

The General…

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