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Upwards from Dreamweaver


I’ve been a Dreamweaver guy for at least a dozen years. Recently I’ve become so frustrated with Adobe for their insistence that everybody pay them monthly forever and work entirely online. I think I’m outta there.

Now I’ve tried a half-dozen alternatives and just installed Sublime. I must say that DW has spoiled me without the need to learn some important things, no doubt simple stuff to most of the people here. I think I’ve taken far too much for granted and consequently I’m a little lost.

I have only the free version of Sublime until I decide whether this will be my next editor. I tried to install the FTP/SFTP module, but I’m still at a loss about how to actually upload my edited files. This will only be the first of my shortcomings until I get some help.

Is there a place here for greenhorns to get all of this stuff when they arrive from the dreamy Dreamweaver world? I will, of course, continue searching through the forum.



Welcome to the wonderful world of Sublime!

If you have any specific questions about how to achieve things that you can do in DreamWeaver that you’re not sure how to do in Sublime, this is a good place to ask, as well as the Discord (there’s a link to it in the Resources and Bug Tracking forum post).

The answers may well be suggestions for packages that will add the feature that you want, but we try to be as helpful as is possible, though different people on the forum have different areas of expertise (I myself have the web designer equivalent of a black thumb, for example).