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Tab autocomplete without the dropdown?


When editing markdown files in Sublime 3, I was able to quickly toggle between words for autocomplete using the tab button. There was no dropdown with suggested words and pressing tab the first time already gave me the first match, with subsequent presses going through the list of matches. This made writing markdown really fast.

That behavior seems to have changed after I upgraded to Sublime 4. Now pressing the tab key brings up the autocomplete menu and I need to press tab for the second time (or the enter key) to pick the first option. Picking the best match now requires keystrokes instead of one.

  1. Is there a way to bring back the old behavior?
  2. Having the autocomplete menu still sounds like a good idea when writing code instead of prose, so is there a setting that would allow me to control this behavior per file type?


Go to Preferences and search for the auto_complete options. Set to false the one related to what you want.



@braun, not really, you can check this issue for more details:

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