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Syntax colors for assembly programmer


Hi guys ,I am learning IAR assembly language I am super new to sublime text and have tried reading and understanding your syntax definition page on syntax highlighting but it’s very hard to understand(i.e doesnt seem to lead me to the actual “how you change this colour” part) .I tried downloading an assembly code theme i think from package control and it sort of works, but unfourtunately since not all assembly code is the same, it still leaves some important syntax un-highlighted. Is there a quick and simple way to just change the colour of certain words in my code so they stand out when i see my code in sublime text ? thanks



At the most basic, I would find the list of keywords in your current tmLanguage file and add the new keywords that you want to it.



Which package did you try?

*] sublimeassembly
*] x86-assembly-textmate-bundle



I got to the tmlanguage file and did a quick ctrl+f search for any code that had the word “color” in it but could not find anything to change there

[quote=“daryltucker”]Which package did you try?

*] sublimeassembly … =5&t=11327
*] x86-assembly-textmate-bundle … ate-bundle[/quote]

I tried the one for ARM assembly and installed it with package control, the ones you gave above for x86 I could try but I doubt they would cover everything that IAR A430 assembly would require in particular, to be highlighted



By “keywords” I meant the things that it’s highlighting, not the word “color”. Maybe try “mov”? “jmp”? I don’t know how your assembly language works.