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Support dark theme on Windows


We don’t use WPF for Sublime products - just win32.

I’d be very happy having it look as advertised on – dark grey titlebar. How do I do that? (I’m okay with having to toggle the menu bar to hide it, which I gather will still be in fugly grey-on-white.) Using build 3211 on Win10 (and Mac, where it’s not a problem).

The auto-dark plugin posted above does nothing but copy one preference to another. The thing it does not do is provide a color scheme file that makes the title bar dark, so changing the preference won’t get me anywhere.




In the Win10 Settings App, go into the Colors preference and select or pick a color in the Colors section that’s what you want to use (here I used a default):

A little further down, there’s an option for where you’d like to apply it; make sure that Title Bars is checked:

Note however that this seems to only apply to the active window, and inactive windows still use the previous color; I’m not sure offhand if there’s a way around that. I looked briefly in the past but didn’t see anything specifically related to it.

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and inactive windows still use the previous color

You can customize the title bar color for inactive windows via the registry. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM and create (or adjust) a DWORD value with name “AccentColorInactive”. Then set its hex-value to something like ff123456, where 123456 is the hex color value you want to use.

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Okay: I found more answers myself:

  1. Set the active title bar color by right clicking on the screen background > Personalization. Set your “accent color”. (Same thing @OdatNurd posted above – kudos.)
  2. Set the inactive title bar color by doing registry tomfoolery, or by downloading and running Ultimate Windows Tweaker. It’s like our old friend TweakUI for Win10. @jwortmann posted an easy registry hack above – I’d found this painful one that describes what is apparently going on behind the scenes.
  3. Now, the menu bar is still a white eyesore. Get rid of that by doing View > Hide menu. You can always get it back by hitting Alt. (I’ve also bound this to Ctrl+F1 so it’s like Office’s Ribbon toggle.)

This is what happens when you go away from Windows for a few years and work on Macs. You lose your mind unless stuff is all aesthetically pleasing.

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Now that Sublime Merge Build 2047 already has upgraded application title bar and context menu on Windows, are we going to see this update on Sublime Text?




Thank you. Nice to know that Sublime 4 is coming! But seems like it is still in early preview. I am looking forward to the Beta release!



It’s been in discrete beta for a bit over a year now and is quite stable; if you have an ST3 license you can join the Discord and get access to it now. There’s a link in the pinned resource topic in the forum.

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