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Sublime version for ARM Macs


Hi all,

Was wondering how much it will be an issue for Sublime Team to re-compile Sublime Text and Sublime Merge for newly announced ARM Macs? I mean in general, surely it is ARM vs Intel, but as well Metal only, as I understand, which may be a bigger problem. I mean not detailed answer, but more on a basic scale - easy/hard/will-never-do something.


P.S. I am a paid user and ST is a great tool which I want to keep further around surely.

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there’s an existing discussion on that here:

it’s possible that Sublime HQ’s previous position will change now, who knows



With regards to Apples statement to move to their own ARM based CPUs … . Looks like there is no way around it.

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I have to agree. If ST want to keep selling to Mac users it cannot be avoided. The only question is when they’ll get around to it. Maybe it’s just a recompile and they’ll have it sooner than later but I somehow doubt it.



I’d like to call out, while they are uncertainties on the impact of ARM and Rosetta with Sublime Text, that at the moment, ST3 isn’t able to run Package Control and packages on macOS 11.

The origin of the problem is taking place in failing checks for some libraries on disk that are now cached in memory.



I believe this is a problem previously noted in Discord and then these two GitHub PRs.



Yes, unfortunately I can’t currently even test the PRs for this since:

  • My only Mac is my primary development machine, and I’m not going to drop an early beta on there
  • VMWare doesn’t yet support Big Sur
  • There are no CI services that yet support Big Sur

The fix will come eventually, but things like this are to be expected when testing out early betas of an OS.



2 @wbond - I mostly meant some “official position” for coming ARM Mac & sublime.

I mean I overall consider upgrading my current mac (either to last intel or coming arm), and Sublime atm is the only blackbox in my workflow. All other soft is either apple’s or unix’s, so there should be no issues with it on arm.

I mean I will be very happy if Sublime Team will say e.g. that for sure they have a commitment to support new Apple’s ARM and will dedicate their limited resources to do this in some reasonable time.

Or at least that they have discussed this and… whatever…



Get the last Intel Macs: the first generation ARM Mac hardware is going to be shit and software is going to take a while to catch up (to ARM). By the time your new Intel machine is over the hill, the ARM Macs will be fast and reliable and fully supported across the board. My bet is that Apple will be supporting Intel for 5 to 10 years.

Rest assured, ST will eventually be ported to ARM, just don’t hold your breath.



And even if it isn’t, Rosetta 2 is a thing that exists :stuck_out_tongue: