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Asking the question here just destroys any joy you might have…

Seems we have stumbled backwards along the social evolutionary path since asking questions and seeking knowledge ends in destroying joy.



I have it on good authority that Sublime is still being developed and that we will see something soon.



And when you were working on complex applications at Apple, exactly what did the public roadmaps say for those applications?

I don’t recall Apple ever being very open with their future plans. Did you work on an Apple product I’m not aware of?




Your recollection is wrong my friend.



I’m glad to hear that my recollection was wrong. Thank you for correcting me. What was the product you worked on? Are the roadmaps still online? I’ve friends who’d love to see them, as they are similarly mistaken like I am.

I looked for the roadmaps for the Pro apps that Apple used to offer, but I don’t see any sign of them. I can’t find any of the roadmaps for any of their other products either.

A google search for “Apple product roadmap” doesn’t turn up anything useful either; just rumor sites.

When I was working with the enterprise teams on the support for Oracle Database 9i on Mac OS X Server 10.3.4, there were no public promises even to the largest customers and partners regarding future hardware or software. But I didn’t work with any of the consumer hardware or product teams, so I assume that is what you mean?



Wow, you worked for Siemens and Apple! YOU MUST BE RIGHT THEN!

Wait… you also wrote complex application code! OMG, most people just write really simple stuff. YOU MUST BE REALLY SMART!

Well that’s good to know, because now I don’t have to worry about the logic or substance of anything you say, I should just give up, because since you did all those things you cannot be wrong!

Thank you so much.

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That is not exactly true. I work in the security industry where I have to write complex code. The management has given us dates when the product ought to be released. As is the case with agile , the release might be preponed or postponed, but atleast we have tentative dates in sight. Without any tentative release date in sight is not how software releases are done.

OK, but ST is a 2 programmer company. I’m not sure that they have much of a formal system in place or the resources to carry it out reliably.

But even you agree, you cannot say when software will be released definitively. And given that the bigger risk is alienating your customer base with promises you break. ST aren’t answerable to higher management or a single client and those “guiding” estimates aren’t helpful at all.

The problem only starts to compound itself, if these fanboys, start impeding the course of active development turning down almost any new feature request for something that is inferior just because they don’t want the core product to change

There are two sides to every argument, and both sides should be made vigorously. It’s comical to think that ST goes through the forum and decides not to do a feature because someone disagrees with it, or agrees with it. They will decide based on their best judgement, something that’s been obvious for many years.



Wow, first you think you can dictate the terms of ST development, now you think you can dictate how we discuss things.



Again , not necessarily true . Most Games and most software releases will say along something along these lines “Launching Mid Feb , 2019” or “Launching in Fall” or “Launching in Q3” , they wont give exact dates but they will give out something and they try very hard to stick to that. For example see this

If they fail to keep with that date, they will send out notices saying we are getting delayed because of “such” and “such”, so that the loyal customers know what is happening with the product. Staying silent with an adage " Please check back with us every now and then " is not how software releases are meant to be done.

Yes, they are indeed answerable to people who buy their licenses. I would consider these people to be the most loyal customers who despite some serious competition from free / open source alternatives stick with ST. And to these people , these “tentative” dates will be very helpful. If that was done, you would not have seen posts like these.

Agreed, they wont go through these posts , but they do go through the issues that are reported on Github. I was more of addressing that when I said what I said. Apologies for the confusion.

I rest my case.



Your argument is petulant. I mentioned where I worked to illustrate exposure to writing code for the enterprise as a rebuttal against the accusation to the opposite. Your exclamations, capitals and vernacular have zero context to the original point. I don’t claim to be right. I only claim to have an opinion and believe my similarly related experience provides enough merit to express my view. I never claimed to be smart or “really” smart for that matter. I think quite the opposite might be true sometimes, especially when I am reminded
of the impossibility of changing the ready made mind. Nevertheless, these discussions work both ways. Sometimes they work to help motivate enough people to make fundamental change in the “delivery” process and sometimes they don’t. Let me pose it this way.

My base argument is simple. I would like the see better communication about potential release dates. In essence, i’m asking for “release” communication and noting, from my own experience, a lack of communication in today’s software market, combined with the scorching growth of a primary competitor (VSC) causes me to pause when thinking about investing time and money into ST.

What you did in your reply was to attack the person and construct a variation of the straw man. In doing so you classically invalidated your opinion, not once but twice, while trying to invalidate mine.



You made employment claims that even if true (and from evidence they’re not since another user challenged and you had no response) have no bearing and are irrelevant. A person who feels they need to make unverifiable claims about their authority does so because they do not have facts or logic to support their argument. You’re some random person on the internet, that is the extent of your authority on any subject.

So, back to the matter at hand. ST isn’t going to tell you when the next version is being released or how it’s going or anything else. Why do I say that? Because besides not being in ST’s interest ST also has a long history of making releases when it sees fit, except in a few cases where releases are very imminent. You can read through years of postings in this forum if you want to verify that.

So if you’re waiting for that you should probably head over to VSCode or Atom or some other hilarious Electron app now.




What I meant is that tentative dates only only useful when used for accountability or pressure tactics where you’re providing a service.

I think games are a terrible example, BTW.



The app he worked on is called iMadeItAllUp.




Nutjob2, I could keep proving you wrong but there is no benefit to the discussion to do so.



Um, what does that prove? So you have a picture of a card with the details hidden. You could have found that image online, or borrowed someone else’s. It means absolutely nothing.

You’re just illustrating your lack of understanding. You think it’s possible to prove identity online, but it isn’t. Just thinking about it for a short while before posting would have saved you.

What further illustrates your utter lack is that you don’t get that the key point is that it doesn’t matter if you did or you didn’t, what you write shows an inability understand software development. If you did understand you would write things that reflected that. Instead you try to prove some sort of authority, which is pathetic and useless.

I can see that you want to run away and hide because you’re unable to make an cogent argument, and I respect that. I’m not here to harass. But please don’t think for a moment you convinced any reasonable person of anything that you said.



I enjoy testing and using other editors, vim, nano, st… and from time to time test new ones atom, vs, spacemacs and others. ST is my default and favorite today. It is fast, open large files easy and stable.

About releasing, I think ST team do awesome job and there is no need to do major versions more often unless necessary. Imo ST3 is a top editor and lacks nothing against any other on market today.

If I am the OP and is enjoying ST I would buy ST3, like facelessuser said you will see ST4 dev builds before.



OK, I get it. You are a world class developer and you do not believe software development should work with goals and release dates and provide this information to distributors and consumers to encourage confidence in the investment of time and expense.

Conversely, I also get you speak for all reasonable people who may be reading this as noted in your projection of opinion upon them while entirely missing the irony in confusing the more reasonable assumption that the image is what it appears to be with the illogical and unreasonable assumption there must be a deeper conspiracy involved. One that would have me finding my id online and redacting parts of it to bolster my position in an ST4 development debate.

Since you appear to be the kind of fellow who shouts down anyone who disagrees with you and believes attacking an individual is a proper method of discussion I will end my post with a a pair of quotes from yours so you can retain your title as the fellow who must always have the last word.

nutjob2 said >> “I can see that you want to run away and hide because you’re unable to make an cogent argument, and I respect that…”

To that I say: you have shown the complete opposite. When you call someone a liar and accuse them of making things up and doctoring the credentials of other people… such is a complete lack of respecting the actual debate. Communicate a release schedule. That’s my argument.

Read your posts then read your statement.

nutjob2 said >> “I’m not here to harass.”

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If you think about it, there are not too many closed source software that provides a schedule. I’m thinking of the common software that I currently have open and I think none has a public roadmap:

  • Spotify
  • Lunacy
  • Photoshop
  • Office Suite
  • Slack
  • Discord
  • Skype
  • Nod32
  • Basecamp, Trello and all the web apps that we are all using.
  • Jetbrain products (though they do have an issue tracker and you see what’s going on, so there is that; on ST’s issue tracker the issues are closed/updated after the release, so you have no sense of progress)

NONE of these have a public schedule, release dates and so on. They usually drop an update and that’s that.

Historically, @jps is not very… verbose, with extensive periods of silence. Maybe he doesn’t understand the harm of doing so, maybe he doesn’t care enough to find 10 minutes every week and post something on the forum/blog, maybe he lost his motivation. Whatever.

On the other hand, @wbond (who is also part of the ST team) is pretty active on both forum, github AND discord, so there is that.

Maybe this would work tho :smiley:

@jps -vvv
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I think that’s what people like about ST, it’s relatively simple, clean and fast without lots of pointless nonsense.

The think I find frustrating about ST is the relatively large amount of minor bugs and annoying idiosyncrasies I understand that these are probably very tedious and maybe a bit difficult to fix, but they do grate over time.



You still don’t get it. It’s not about what you think I am or what you claim you are. It’s about the ideas being discussed. I disagree with you and am willing to argue my case, in my own particular way. I’m sorry you can’t handle that. Maybe you shouldn’t post in public forums if you’re afraid someone might reply to you in a robust manner. And if you’re so afraid of being “harrassed” why on earth do you keep on replying to me?

I mean, you’ve spent the whole thread making claims about how terrible and unfair I am and how I kill joy or shout or something but you’ve said precious little defending your point other than saying how important you are and how you worked for Apple, you know best, etc, etc, etc. Then you claim I attack? I’m just defending myself against your nonsense.