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Sublime text 3 tab autocompletion not working


I just installed sublime text 3 and followed instructions to obtain the material theme and install Emmet. But when I click ! tab the autocompletion doesn’t work for html commands. I haven’t purchased the license yet, as I am just evaluating the software. How can I get the sublime text 3 tab autocompletion to work for html commands?



Generally speaking, auto completions in Sublime are specific to the type of file that you’re editing; for example you generally don’t want to expand a doctype if you’re writing a C program. So the first thing I’d check is, is the file you’re editing HTML?

The bottom right of the window should tell you what kind of file Sublime thinks you’re editing; this defaults to Plain text if you have created a file that hasn’t been saved yet; you can click there to change the syntax to be HTML or save the file with an appropriate extension.