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ST4 - can I change the Tab auto-complete behavior back to how it was in ST3?


In Sublime Text 3, I could start typing a word, press Tab, and it would auto-complete the rest of the word (based on the best “educated guess” that the editor made as to what I wanted). In version 4 now, pressing Tab always pops up the suggestion box.

This is particularly annoying because it happens even when there is only one possible suggestion based on what I’ve typed so far. It’s secondarily annoying because of the extra keystroke required to achieve the same functionality (I have to press Tab twice now). This one isn’t a huge deal, it’s just another “muscle memory” thing I have to get used to.

I cannot see a way to change this behavior in any of the auto-complete settings. Is this the new behavior that we’re stuck with in version 4 now, or did I miss something? (Or, for bonus points, if you know of a package that can restore this behavior, that would be most appreciated).

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