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ST3 style autocomplete in ST4

  1. What if primers are different?
  2. Didn’t work for me. I don’t see how it should, say I am trying to expand wl into word_list:
    • regex finds single word part instead of 2 – w and l
    • even if regex did it properly keys are looked in the word in any place not at the word starts
    • doesn’t try to work for global word list
  3. I saw that, but once I use fuzzy matching it’s either it’s scoring or preserving order. I chose fuzzy scoring so far.

  1. I’m not familiar with primers in your code, so can’t answer that.

  2. That works for Capitalized words camelCase PascalCase etc without much effort. if you want support lower_case, need to do little more work on ‘candidate word’ after matching first letter against searched word.

  3. That’s up to preference I guess.



great, just starred it on github and added it to the Sublime Text trhough git with Sublime Merge.

Well it is your code. Feel free to open a github account and sync your lastest changes there.

Thanks for the plugin, guys!


search_word_parts = re.findall('([A-Z])?([^A-Z]*)', search_word_text)
search_word_parts = [item for t in search_word_parts for item in t if item]
# print(search_word_parts)

# [matching.append(s) for s in reversed(word_list) if s not in matching and search_word_text in s and s != search_word_text]
for word in reversed(word_list):
    found = False
    if word not in matching and word != search_word_text and word[0] == search_word_text[0]:
        if len(search_word_text) > 1 and '_' in word: \\ this if clause is for supporting 'snake_case' words
            for char in search_word_text:
                if char in word:
                    found = True
                    found = False
            for word_part in  search_word_parts:
                if word_part in word:
                    found = True
                    found = False
    if found:

added if clause to support ‘snake_case’ words now - wl ->Tab should expand to word_list



I guess we are trying to achieve different things. I want wl to reliably expand into word_list first and then to bowl and then to wall_2. Your code will order them the same as the list.

BTW, now words that go just before the cursor will be last in your candidates list. You might want to reverse those.



Well my preference is to expands to words above and closest to my cursor first, I’m not sure how you have ordered your list, if you use previously mention method to order the list, you can have preference to either expand to words closest and above to the cursor or closest and below the cursor.



I currently save words into set, do not preserve order. Order them by shortest match span.



I have created a fork,
-added cycle back ability.
-added ability to add candidate words from other files once finished cycling through current file.



I added ability to prioritize matching first letters in combined_words
I personaly don’t care for it but, realized other people may find it useful since everyone doesn’t use camelCase or PascalCase. Later I may add setting to enable/disable it.



I added expanding abbreviations support for snake_case, CameCase and mixedCase too. Adjusted how scoring works:

wl -> word_list, word_list_index, wall
wli -> word_list_index, word_list
wol -> word_list, wollie, world

Also added simple history of chosen completions they will be selected first.

BTW, there was a bug in key bindings - indent almost never worked. Fixed it here, you might want to do the same.



I mean if words under cursors differ then it will replace all of them with a suggestion for the first one. So current behavior is incorrect. It is still useful though, so I went for the same implementation as yours for now, might fix it later.



I personally didn’t face any problem indenting a single line rather I couldn’t indent multiple lines with selection, so I fixed that.

On SublimeText3 it inserts 4 spaces or [tab] instead of completion, I personally don’t find it more useful that what we already have, but of course we can change it later.



Your { "key": "selection_empty", ... "match_all": true } approach works for the most part, but prevents Ctrl+D, Ctrl+D, …, Tab usage. I find a bug with mine as well though, investigating now.

P.S. Added { "key": "text", "operator": "not_regex_contains", "operand": "\\s", "match_all": true }, for now



on ST3 ctrl+d ctrl+d … Tab deletes selected words, it does the same on our version.



I strongly agree with Suors request.
I also was very disappointed after the update to version 4. I found that it

  • has new color theme
  • is slower
  • habitual and convenient Tab completion doesn’t work

Fixed this by sudo apt install sublime-text=3211

I really hope Sublime will grow like the best light and fast text editor, not one more fancy but slow IDE