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[ST3] [Linux] Frequent freeze/crash at startup caused by session file


I love working with Sublime Text but there are two frequent/serious issues that are making me consider switching editors. The 1st and most annoying one is this one.

Very frequently I will start ST3 and it will freeze midway while loading my past session. This generally seems to happen when I have a higher number of opened windows and tabs. It rarely happens that killing and reopening it many times makes me lucky enough to make it work. But more commonly what I see is all the windows opening, some tabs show their respective contents but then some are just empty, showing that discreet loading progress bar frozen in place.

Yes, deleting the session file solves it. I sometimes was lucky enough to find what section needed to be removed for it work without having to fully delete it. But having to go through this process many times per week gets annoying fast. And losing the contents of my unsaved buffers makes me unable to enjoy one of ST’s best features.

And because 2nd issue I mentioned makes this one worse let me mention it here: it’s very common that ST3 crashes by itself overnight when I leave it running at work. So I get back in the morning to work and instead of resuming immediately what I was doing I have to debug my session file…

Can anything be please, pretty please, be done about this? Thanks!

Note: I did search for past issues regarding this. I found one post that apparently reported the same issue in ST2 but it was considered solved by learning the delete-session-file-trick. I would hardly consider that a solution.


ST3 crash with a specific session file


I have just experienced an ST3 freeze on startup for the first time, and deleting the session file enabled it to start once more. I wonder if you could you share with the forum the section of the session file that needs to be removed? I prefer to keep state where possible, and deleting the whole file throws it all away.




Yeah, that’s the problem: sometimes the section to be removed is the “buffers” one from each of the opened windows (see this other thread). But that’s precisely the one that holds the contents of each tab and that I wouldn’t like to lose.

One way to still get the contents back is to remove those section to allow it to start but find the contents you still need form inside them, paste into a new tab and use some search/replace to “fix” it.



Thanks for the info. I’ll try that next time.



An update on this: the overnight crashes are apparently gone. The startup ones are still happening but I nailed down a few more details:

  • It mainly (only?) crashes on starting when Sublime Text was updated to a newer version.
  • When a crash happens, fully rebooting the system allows it to start normally. It’s still annoying but less so than messing with gigantic session files or loosing editor contents.