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Seeking feedback for a new package & plugin guidebook


I’m pretty sure it uses JSON, which is an extension of JavaScript is it not?
You might like to look at it because it is a good example of an ST guide. Take the following page for example:



If you are referring to a settings file, that’s just JSONC (JSON with comments). That’s probably as easy as it gets with configuration.

I guess you are asking about making a SublimeLinter plugin ( ? No, that’s way too specific and won’t be covered in the guide. (I don’t use SL myself). Looking at the linked URL & a few actual linter plugins they have got, it doesn’t seem that difficult.



No, I was suggesting you use the SL guide as a reference for how to show/display yours. i.e. The layout and functionality of that ‘guide’,but, do it however you want. Seems u don’t understand me at all. Good luck with your guide. I’m bookmarking this, like others before me, because I’d like to see you succeed.

And FYI, for a novice like me, the pre-req’s for SublimeLinter are NOT easy, there’s quite a few, and it seems each of the pre-req’s has pre-req’s itself… Have a deeper look, not just a quick glance and you SHOULD see what I mean, what I originally meant; as far as coding and the use of JSON (aka ‘java from another mother’) and python. SL uses both: python for the actual plugin, as you identified earlier, and JSON for the config files in ST.



Is there any chance we could get a preview?
Perhaps better suggestions might ensue…



That is why I used the term “guess” because it wasn’t clear what you were suggesting. From this I understand, you are actually suggesting using RTD (Read The Docs) which SL uses as a base for it’s documentation (

I am actually going with for this guide book. It has a lot of good features like code annotations among others that makes it easier to explain stuff (Plus I assume people are more familiar with markdown than RST).

Right now, It’s still too early, but I do plan to give a preview once the various contents I am preparing is better fleshed out.

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Hi, how’s it going? We’ve not heard from you in a while and I am still very keen to see/hear how you are progressing



I have been working on it on & off even before I made the announcement :slight_smile: It’s just that $DAY_JOB has been really hectic.