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"Reveal in tree view" on tab bar


Github Atom has a “Reveal in Tree View” feature

When you right click on the file tab, there’s a menu allow you to navigate to the file on the sidebar (aka Tree View)

Is there any plugin can do that?



This is available when right-clicking on the file itself as “Reveal in Side Bar”, not on the tab context. I’m unsure if there is a way to make it work for the tab bar since I don’t know if or how ST passes the view that was clicked on to the target command.



All tab bar context menu items operate on the current view, not the view relating to the tab clicked on. As far as I know, there is no way to pass the view that relates to the tab that was clicked on to the target command.

EDIT: I stand corrected - using "args": { "group": -1, "index": -1 } in the Tab Context Menu.sublime-menu, it alters them and passes the correct group and index. However, it does mean that the command being used has to look at those arguments, so you may need a custom command to execute the real command.


Interface Suggestions

Simple example to make the Copy File Path and Open Containing Folder commands work on the appropriate tab:


import sublime
import sublime_plugin
from os import path

def get_view(active_view, **kwargs):
    view = active_view
    if 'group' in kwargs and 'index' in kwargs:
        view = view.window().views_in_group(kwargs['group'])[kwargs['index']]
    return view

class CopyFilePathCommand(sublime_plugin.TextCommand):
    def run(self, edit, **kwargs):
        get_view(self.view, **kwargs).run_command('copy_path')
    def is_enabled(self, **kwargs):
        file_path = get_view(self.view, **kwargs).file_name()
        return isinstance(file_path, str)
    def is_visible(self, **kwargs):
        return True

class OpenContainingFolderFromTabCommand(sublime_plugin.TextCommand):
    def run(self, edit, **kwargs):
        file_path = get_view(self.view, **kwargs).file_name()
        folder = path.dirname(file_path)
        if path.isdir(folder):
            file_name = path.basename(file_path)
            if path.isfile(file_path):
                self.view.window().run_command('open_dir', { "dir": folder, "file": file_name })
                self.view.window().run_command('open_dir', { "dir": folder })
    def is_enabled(self, **kwargs):
        file_path = get_view(self.view, **kwargs).file_name()
        folder = path.dirname(file_path)
        return file_path is not None and path.isdir(folder)
    def is_visible(self, **kwargs):
        return True

Packages/Default/Tab Context.sublime-menu (partial):

{ "command": "copy_file_path", "args": { "group": -1, "index": -1 }, "caption": "Copy File Path" }
{ "command": "open_containing_folder_from_tab", "args": { "group": -1, "index": -1 }, "caption": "Open Containing Folder…" },
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