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Project alive?


Sublime future development seems pretty much dead, or at least as pace that makes it impossible to rely on future updates. I imagine the main developer got sick of working on one programme for nearly 10 years and wanted to do something else and who knows what internal politics is going on internally that stops someone else taking over.

Having said that Sublime Text is still a great text editor, which a great plug-in community. You don’t need constant future updates if the software already does what you need it to do. Look at the Unix tools, when was the last time you panicked because grep hadn’t been updated since 1992.

If Sublime Text doesn’t have a feature you need, and you can’t find a plugin for it, and you can’t write it yourself in Python, then don’t use Sublime Text as it will probably never get added.

But if Sublime Text already does what you need it to do (which is most things when you factor in plugins) then why the heck not use it. You can trial the program for free and its only 70 bucks. I would happily pay that to get an dedicated text either rather than a repurposed web browser pretending to be a text editor. Panicking that there is no more updates coming is silly unless you really need something added or fixed. People worry too much about investing in a single program. If 5 years from now Atom or Brackets are actually fast and usable moving over to them is not the worst thing in the world, and you would have had a very fast powerful text editor up until then.

It is much better to use a fast powerful text editor that works now but that might never get updated again than to use a slow weak text editor that is getting updated constantly but still has a long way to go before it is good.

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The comparison to unix tools makes zero sense.

Sublime need constant updates to keep working after major OS updates, which is a monthly event these days. Check the github issues. Sublime basically no longer works reliably on Ubuntu 64-bit, nor on 5K iMacs with el capitan.

Besides, the “great plug-in community” has slowly given up, and I see zero innovation these days, and barely any interesting updates.



No reason to insult the community. Where are your interesting contributions?



Wow I love windows.




[quote=“flypenguin”]just registered, just to say “me too”. maybe the dev will wake up. I paid for sublime, I still love it, but I will download atom now and try using it.

Because I seriously consider sublime dead.[/quote]

Funny how everyone who registers just to complain also says they’re switching to Atom. Sounds like a marketing campaign. Of course, they’ll all deny it.[/quote]

nah, not a marketing campaign for atom, not from my side at least. Just wanted to add some noise, actually. more people yelling maybe equals more chance of dev guy waking up.

it’s just that sublime really used to rock, and the only viable replacement (when you don’t mind using a BROWSER as editor) is atom. I would actually love to continue using sublime. It’s small, fast, cool, python-esque, etc.

but having NO EFFING SIGN OF ACTIVITY WHATSOEVER from the dev in ages is just uncool.

and sorry, another beta with a minimum number of obscure bugs fixed every … couple of months, for something that should have been a release for almost years now, doesnt count. even if the dev is ill or something (maybe, who knows) he could come out in the open and open source it if he can’t develop any further. or ask for money if he needed to, I’m sure people would pay. but given the current state, I would no longer pay for sublime. There are alternatives, and they are good, and they are active, so why should I pay for something wich is good but inactive?

so, clarified that.



i found some posts indicating the dev is busy writing iOS games, too bad this is not public info so everyone could stop paying for this bit rot called sublime



Just a small observation: I think that Jon Skinner name is a pretty common one; on a quick search I found doctors, designers, programmers under this name and they are all from Australia (on the other hand I didn’t spent too much time filtering these results). So unless you have some solid proof, this is merely a speculation.




Just a small observation: I think that Jon Skinner name is a pretty common one; on a quick search I found doctors, designers, programmers under this name and they are all from Australia (on the other hand I didn’t spent too much time filtering these results). So unless you have some solid proof, this is merely a speculation.[/quote]

I found the quote on this forum (viewtopic.php?f=2&t=20715&p=72832&hilit=ios#p72832), but I have no idea if it’s true or not. It doesn’t matter much either, the fact is that there’s no communication since july and my ubuntu distro still won’t install sublime.



Well, I believe that Jon is working on a rocket. This makes it true? :smiley:



One theory is likely (iOS games), the other one is unlikely (rockets)

But, hey, maybe he got the rocket working and he is now stuck on Mars with a broken editor and can’t write the program to phone home.



I am the another guy who has only one post. I don’t like Atom. And I really care about to hear sth from Kari or Jon. :blush:

ps. I have Sublime license, not a new customer.



Do not be silly or dream about it .
The project was already dead :imp: :smiling_imp:



Same question for me, and the plethora of snarky or vague replies don’t help much. I think the answer is a resounding NO, since the last development build was over seven months ago, and the last formal beta build release was nine months ago. For a product with a hefty price tag, that sounds like a dead project.

Also: I bought a license to v2 a few year ago, and wanted to use newer builds of v3–but I can’t without paying for another license. A $70 license for a product that’s in perpetual beta and whose owner remains mostly inaccessible? No.

And I don’t say “no” lightly, because I’ve invested heavily in Sublime Text, and had high hopes for it.



You can use current beta by using your v2 license with no troubles. I’m on ST3 beta since its launch…

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Hmm. I can’t seem to make that work. Do you mean simply enter the v2 license code in v3?



Indeed you did. Although i’m not sure if this works only for dev beta or for the regular beta.

See here:

Upgrades from Sublime Text 2 to Sublime Text 3 will become available when version 3.0 is released later this year. Until such time, upgrading is not required, as Sublime Text 3 will accept Sublime Text 2 license keys during the beta period.



Thanks–ah, I see it works with the 3083 released build. Weirdly, that didn’t work last time I tried. I swear. I super swear.

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There will be an option to upgrade your ST2 license to a ST3 license once ST3 is released, which will be cheaper than a new license.



What you are talking about? I haven’t had a single issue on my 5K iMac with El Capitan. Well except the areas where Sublime Text fails to do a good enough job because it isn’t updated anymore. That is just nitpicking though. Stuff like Sublime Text opening the same project multiple times in multiple windows. Can’t seem to get around that while Atom works like a charm for just that.

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Have been using ST3 on several large codebases for months on Ubuntu 15.10 64 bits with few issues, mostly about the fact that indexing this many files takes a while — but hey, I rely on those indexes so I’ll take the hit.

You know what other text editors haven’t really been updated in recent times? Pretty much all of them.

Vim 7.4 was announced so long ago the relevant post has almost dropped off the news page; that’s august 2013 for those keeping score. Emacs 24.5 dates back to April, with the latest release adding actual features being over 16 months old. Notepad++ highlight change for this July’s version 6.8 release is the new default font. This groundbreaking advancement didn’t last long however. Textmate users can be excited about the bolted-on multiple carets getting better in March and better again in September. Good! The world needs more multiple carets.

Want something more lively? Please congratulate nano for their 2.5 release, it’s only 40 days old or so. I honestly love nano and have been surprised by how quietly they have been adding features while keeping things simple and lightweight. According to this thread though, pretty much all that matters is the commit frequency and this project delivers — so I really don’t see why I should choose atom over nano! They are also equal on other just as critical metrics like number of letters in their name or support for EBCDIC and 3270 ports for those long hard mainframe hacking nights.

If you are switching to Atom, chances are you would have switched to Atom anyway. Atom’s continued existence doesn’t change how quickly or slowly ST3 work is. Picking your editor based on the speed of development is questionable in the first place. Choose whatever makes you productive, be it Atom + gedit or + dosbox.