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Programmatic way to query context


It would be hugely beneficial to be able to query the context programmatically. For example, I have a on_text_command function that would actually be able to do what I want if I could determine whether or not there is an overlay_panel currently visible. I am not aware of any other way to get this information at the moment.

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this is something I suggested on the API Suggestions thread:



Not sure how I missed that in a search.

Yes - you captured exactly what I want and how I assume it would be implemented.

It would be a dramatic improvement.



I honestly find the forum search to be rather disappointing most of the time. Not the functionality per se, but the results it yields. Rarely do I see what I am looking for in the first few results and often times I have to refine the search or adjust sort order.



I often go through what I think is all the search results before I make another posting, so in this case I really don’t know what went wrong.