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Problem: drag_select


I can’t use mouse in text edit area. Sublime said:
Unable to parse command: drag_select {“event”: {“button”: 1, “x”: 394,5.0, “y”: 765,5.0}}

or (If I press right button):
Unable to parse command: context_menu {“event”: {“button”: 2, “x”: 394,5.0, “y”: 765,5.0}}

Sublime work in Debian Linux whezy amd64. Build: 2138

I try to use another versions of editor and problem exists in their.

Please help )))


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This is a locale issue: the number should be “394.5” rather than “394,5.0”. Sublime Text will set the locate to “C” at startup, via:

setlocale(LC_NUMERIC, "C");

However this must be failing for you - perhaps your machine doesn’t have a C locale? (!)

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Problem really was in locale.
Before runing of sublime I make: export LC_NUMERIC=C and sublime works without errors.




Thank you ! This helped ! I had exactly the same issue … i use Xubuntu 20.04 64-bit … it’s unclear what i did when it happened … all other programs, like another text editor, had no problems with mouse click and selecting text etc. only Sublime Text (3 build 4126) … i must say i was creating a python script which used many ANSI codes to control colored terminal output … could that have been the cause ? Or how did LC_NUMERIC not be “C” ? Anyhow, i’m glad i found this forum post.