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PHP syntax highlighting variables within double quotes


I have been using atom for a long time and recently made the switch to ST3 because of performance . There seems to be an issue with the highlighting of variables with single quotes withing double quotes.

$pdo->query("SELECT * FROM members WHERE ID = '$customer'");

In the above example $customer is not highlighted as a variable in ST3 as opposed to Atom.

Any suggestions on how the fix this?



what color scheme are you using? it is highlighted correctly for me using my own color scheme :slight_smile:
if you know how color schemes work, basically the color scheme needs to target variable.other (and/or something like string variable if you want different coloring of variables inside strings compared to outside) - if it doesn’t then the string coloring takes effect



As an aside, is this vulnerable to SQL injection?

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Thats a great question. Normally this would be subject to injection without other checks. Ideally one would want to bind the parameters. But in this particular case there is no user input. :slight_smile:

Can you please point me in the right direction to edit the correct files. I am new to ST.



Documentation on color schemes is here:

How to edit them:

  1. Install PackageResourceViewer via Package Control
  2. Open Command Palette
  3. Select PackageResourceViewer: Open Resource
  4. Select the package containing your color scheme - if you haven’t changed it from the default, it will be Color Scheme - Default
  5. Select the .tmTheme file you are using - if you haven’t changed it from the default, it will be Monokai.tmTheme
  6. Edit away, using the docs as a reference
  7. Save it
  8. See that the colors have changed in your PHP document
  9. Install OverrideAudit so that you’ll know if/when the maintainer of the color scheme you have overridden makes some changes and what the differences are


Wow! That did the trick. Thank you so much. You do need to target variable.other. I added the block and now its clear.

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