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Package Control Focus Stealing


Importance: High

Never disrupt my work. Never switch tabs on me.

This happens all the time with Package Control messages. There doesn’t seem to be a setting to stop it. It’s fine if Sublime or PC opens a new tab, with some update info – just don’t take me there. Don’t hijack my screen and make me look at an update message while I’m working. Just open the tab silently like a browser would, and let me go there when I want to.


Interface Suggestions

A setting already exists to turn off automatic updates. Once turned off, you can choose when to install updates, and no messages will appear when Sublime Text starts.



Right, but automatic updates should be decoupled from disrupting my work, hijacking the screen, etc. It’s not typical for applications to take your screen away while you’re typing, to present a tab with info on new updates. Say if I’m in Word, it’s not going to cut me off and open a new doc or window with an update notice. Automatic updates are usually unobtrusive.

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It seems that’s the way things works in software :blush:

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This issue is about Package Control, not Sublime Text, and it not an enhancement to the interface of Sublime Text, so I’ve moved it to a new thread.

That said this focus stealing only happens right after Sublime Text starts. Some users get interrupted because they start typing within the first few seconds of starting Sublime Text. Some users get upset because packages are disabled, updated and reinstalled as they are working. Some users get upset when package developers repeatedly send update messages about trivial updates they don’t care about. Some get upset that package developers put emojis in their update messages.

The solution for all of these items is to not use automatic upgrades. Otherwise we are putting in all kinds of hacks to try and work around the fact that users only want packages installed on their schedule.



maybe we could add a setting for what time(s) Package Control can check for updates? default to current behavior of at ST and then every hour thereafter - maybe that would make people happy? they can choose 4am while they are asleep if they leave their computer on… or pick when they are afk for lunch



I think you mean that kind of fake pop up which shows fake updates and tries to hack computer system and download malicious application like adware.



The ultimate solution to this is a notification system.

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Any updates? The Package Control has an issue for this, but apparently ST can’t open new tabs in background. Focus stealing is really, really annoying and suggested workarounds make the situation worse in other ways.