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Opening parentheis in word wrap


I am a new user of Sublime Text, and I am so pleased by its features. When editing prose, I find its spell checker to be excellent.

When editing prose, and I have Word Wrap enabled, I find that an opening parenthesis (tight against the following word) can be left at the end of the display line while the following word itself goes to the new display line.

I find this behavior disconcerting.

Is there some setting I should change to make the opening parenthesis travel with the following word?


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I don’t think there is a solution for this.

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I am having the same problem, with an opening paren staying at the end of the line–when the letter after it is typed, the paren should move down with the letter to the next line. I see this posting is from 2016 and apparently nothing has changed. Is there someplace to officially report this as a bug, as I would really like to see it get fixed? Or if developers read this, please consider this posting to be a bug report. Note: Reading the other postings, one could see that backslash probably should not be treated this way because it indicates continuation in shell scripts and stuff. Also of course some programmers might want to start a block in e.g. C with a brace at the end of a line. So it really needs a preference switch, or, to get really fancy, switch automatically according to the file extension.
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