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In an attempt to edit a couple of auto-completes, I think I broke ST2.

I am running ST 2.0.2 in Windows 7.

I’m getting multiple problems now:

  1. When I try to launch ST 2 (through the Start Menu) I get the following:

After closing out the error, further attempts to launch ST 2 fail. The error doesn’t even reappear, not until I close sublime_text.exe in Task Manager, and again try to launch ST 2.

Uninstalling and re-installing ST 2 doesn’t fix it.

  1. Even after uninstalling ST 2, the program still shows up as an available option in the Open With window:

  1. I have even tried installing ST 3 beta. Now ST 3 does launch, but attempts to Open With are fruitless as ST 2 is still showing up in the Open With menu.


You need to clean it with regedit.exe and remove the entries,

Try some of the following threads:




Thanks, tito. Works now.



I’m using Sublime Text 3 now and uninstalled Sublime Text 2. I also deleted it’s folder from the Application Support folder. I am using a mac. But when I go to open a file, it still shows Sublime Text 2 as an option. Do you know how to get rid of that?