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New logo discussion?


some of my icon concepts…



I would love to design the new sublime site for the version 2 release.





Wow, just signed up to post this comment. Love the colour scheme. Can’t believe there are not more replies to this.

Sublime needs a new logo / website when version 2 final comes out and Jon should hook up with you (if he hasn’t done so yet). You definitely have the skills to create a professional looking brand for Sublime.

Top work!

[quote=“Design Embraced”]Hi all,

My name’s Anthony and I’m a freelance Digital Art Director. A very nice developer I’m working with at the agency I’m currently working for suggested I have a bash at an icon for this application so here it is :smile: It may need more work and although I’m not keen on option one I thought would include it anyway just for discussion. I’ll upload some close ups on my site in the next couple of days :-[/quote]



[quote=“Neurotok”]Hi guys! My name is Martin and Im from Poland (Cracow). I just install Sublime as a Ruby editor. It is just great! Because I work as a graphic designer I decided to take my best shoot :wink:

I hope you are like it :wink: If so contact me by mail ( to get a source files.


I think this is my favourite logo so far, but I’m not sure I like the logo being round, and the X needs changing to a regular one that joins in the centre.

The logo should be simple, and modest, Sublime Text doesn’t shout about all of it’s features and it doesn’t need to, people use it and love it for being a great program, and that is how developers find a new IDE.

I don’t think the logo should have:

Interface elements - They will be too small to see and locks you into a UI design

Code - This could put people off looking to code in say Ruby if the logo has HTML tags, or CSS on it

Bevels, gloss, texture - To me, Sublime is flat code, there is no textured background, or glossy buttons, it’s incredibly simple and the logo should show it

Unrelated imagery - Like the Lime, because of SubLIME, or pencil, ruler and blueprint paper because it’s a code editor, I think they’re completed unrelated to the software

Logo as part of the text - The logo can’t sit within in the text, the two need to be able to separate, so it can be used as an icon

I know that leaves a logo that you could say is very boring, but as long as it’s well designed like Neurotok’s then it’ll suit perfectly.

I think the website needs updating to better show that Sublime can run on any platform, and instead of screenshots there should be a video that runs through the main features of within about 30 seconds. Covering GoTo Anything, multi-select, mini-map, themes, snippets and then ending by quickly flicking through all of the languages that can be used in Sublime text. That would sell it to me, and give me everything I need to know to want to download it.



I made the same Sublime Text icon bigger and a bit more polished… in case anyone cares here are the Mac OS X .icns file.

Sublime Text 2 (131 KB)



This is a slightly improved version of my icon… how with a sample document icon for python.
Sublime Text 2 (81.2 KB)
Sublime Text 2 (99 KB)



[quote=“ricfurness”]I fell in love with Sublime Text 2 recently, but the icon did seem to taint my dock a little.

I decided to create my own - nothing overly fancy, but something to ‘keep me going’ until it has an official refresh.[/quote]

I took the liberty of grabbing your screenshot and turning it into a .icns file for personal use. Is that okay with you? I think the simplicity and cleanliness of your logo really matches Sublime Text 2 itself, so great job!



My attempt. (232 KB)



@kirk1h +1



@Anthony, awesome! Can you please cut that middle one for us and post it? :smile:



Another option.



Hi, my name is david aka switcherdav, I’m a french web programmer and sometimes designer …

Here is my proposition

Thanks to the creator of Sublime Text !



Please don’t do this…

I love the current logo & default color scheme. So clean, easy on the eyes, and aesthetically pleasing. If there’s nothing wrong with it, don’t fix it.

That logo looks horrid… reminds me of Notepad++ logo. (Not trying to put shame to anybody’s design skills, the actual design is cool, just not my cup of tea for something that goes in my Windows 7 hotkey bar - the logo needs to be clean, sleek, and professional which it currently is).



@MMackus, that’s my thought too. Have you checked my own logo here in the thread? (it’s only a more polished version of the current logo)



Your right, it’s not very important to change the default logo because it’s very easy to change it.

note : I think the design of the logo is more important for mac users ; )



Probably because windows/linux users are just focused on… you know… coding? :mrgreen:




Probably because windows/linux users are just focused on… you know… coding? :mrgreen:[/quote]

Or… Because the icon is always visible for the a Mac user, unless they hide the dock.



Without trying to start a flame or something, windows 7 is also display only the icon in taskbar. Something like 32x32px (give or take).
So unless you are hiding taskbar (the dock equivalent), you also see the icon always.



[quote=“natebeaty”]I can’t stop fussing with this thing. Here’s another pass, this time larger:

…odd having to pick the code to show in the icon. I’m assuming CSS isn’t the most common use of ST2, and there could probably be a more elegant snippet of something on there. But you get the idea.[/quote]

This is the best one yet. It has my vote. This should be the new default icon.



Aesthetics aside, I find the default icon too similar to the terminal icon on Ubuntu, which is a nuisance when alt-tabbing because I often land on one when really want the other. As for aesthetics, I like the “S” icon.




Probably because windows/linux users are just focused on… you know… coding? :mrgreen:[/quote]

Linux user here…
In my I’m more focused on finding the editor. The icon looks an awful lot like my terminal icon making it annoying when I keep bringing up another terminal when I fully intend to switch back to the editor.

I personally don’t care too much what a new icon would look like so long as it’s unique and doesn’t look so much like other common icons.