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Need handle for Sublime's Gutter and Fold-arrow


Hi there guys and girls,

I’m busy building a Regions Folding plugin, similar to Visual Studio’s
//some code

My problem at the moment is I need to create, manipulate, delete
the code-folding arrow in the gutter but I cannot find handles for the arrow or the gutter in the API documentation.

There is a reference to the file below, which I think will help, but I can’t find it:

Can anyone please point me in the right direction,
I’m kind of stuck without this handle.

Your time is greatly appreciated, thank you!



There is no dedicated API for folding arrows. The closest you will get are hover or click events on the gutter (or the #region token). See the following thread for details, as well as the on_hover hook in the api docs.



and don’t forget to add a custom icon to the gutter in the relevant locations as per the in the Default package :slight_smile:
you can get to this by installing PackageResourceViewer from Package Control, then from the Command Palette: PackageResourceViewer: Open Resource -> Default ->

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