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Multiselect + Rapid resolve (ours/theirs)


Hi, I have been evaluating sublime merge for a bit now, and one of my biggest grievances has been with the inability to multi select multiple files in the side bar, under ‘Unmerged Files’, ‘Modified Files’, and ‘Staged Files’ and the lack of context options to stage, unstage, track the selected group.

In addition to that, during a merge conflict or rebase for large projects with a lot of branches, the inability to select multiple files and right click > ‘Resolve using Ours/Theirs’ is also very painful.

I end up having to always open the gitgui for windows in order to take care of these sanely, and I would much rather be able to do these via sublime merge.

Are there any plans to get features like these in?




see also:

A workaround for in cases of resolving/staging an entire folder tree, you can do something similar to: