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Make Sublime Text 4 Available in FlatHub (+ARM64 version)


Though the newer version of Sublime Text (Sublime Text 4) is released, the same version isn’t what’s available in Flathub (latest build is for com.sublimetext.three, Build 3211).

Flathub also only has x86 Builds and not ARM Builds. I think it would be nice, if someone would make a Flatpak (DEB-based) App available on Flathub for both x86(_64) and ARM(64), as that would give all distributions across platforms on both architectures accessibility to the app.



Note that we looked into supplying an official flatpak, but the format has various limitations for development tools. (build systems expect full access to the OS and are therefore unusable from a flatpak) An AppImage may be in the cards at some point though.

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Does your comment here imply you decided against it?
I can’t post links, but on GitHub you said: “Flatpaks break a lot of functionality for ST. Build systems, cli, sublime merge integration, etc. As such we won’t be officially supporting flatpak or snap builds.” - issue 5869


Requesting permission to submit Flatpak for Sublime Text 4

I’ve said both here and on the issue tracker that we won’t be supporting flatpak due to limitations with the format. Not sure what further clarification you’re looking for.