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(macOS) Sublime Text 4 hidden when relaunching on a multi-monitor setup



Congrats on the new release!

I ran into an odd issue with ST4. When I have ST4 open on my second monitor and then quit the app and relaunch it, ST appears in the menu bar but the window does not appear. I tried the “Bring to Front” and “Show all windows” menu options and it still would not appear, yet strangely it appears in Mission Control.

The only way to get the window to appear again is to go to “Window > Move to (second monitor)” and the animation shows the window moving across my first monitor to the second monitor.

If I quit ST4 on my first monitor and relaunch it, the window appears immediately on my first monitor with no issues.

I am running Big Sur 11.3 on a Mac mini 2018 connected to an RX 560 EGPU and two identical LG 4k monitors.



Just tried removing the EGPU and using both monitors hooked up directly to the Mac mini using DisplayPort over Thunderbolt, issue still persists.



I was able to reproduce the same issue in Merge as well.



Been having the same issue. Setup is one main ultrawide monitor and two 1080p side monitors. Reopening Sublime while focusing on the ultrawide after Sublime has been closed on either of the two side monitors results in the “hidden” window.

An alternative to recovering the window via the menu bar is to launch Mission Control. The Sublime Text window should appear here, where it can be dragged onto another screen. Still ugly and more than annoying.

Since this has still not be fixed, I’ll at last downgrade T3 again.