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Looking for an orgmode like link presentation


As a former Emacs / OrgMode user I am looking for an orgmode like link presentation in ST3. I hope somebody point me to suitable package.

I would like to have a file with various links (to websites and to the file system [directories or files]) where I see only the description of the links and not the full path. The links should be clickable.

In Orgmode a link looks like [[link][description]] . Once a link in the buffer is complete (all brackets present), Org will change the display so that ‘description’ is displayed instead of ‘[[link][description]]’ and ‘link’ is displayed instead of ‘[[link]]’.

Or is it possible to use html for that an ST shows me the rendered html file in a view?



Might be worth looking on Package Control for an org-mode package. There’s at least one named org_agenda, however I don’t know how much of org-mode it implements. I never got the swing of using org-mode so I can’t say if there’s a Sublime Text variation.



Thanks @Remi. I already tried the orgmode package. It provides syntax highlighting and some orgmode functionality. But not that shortening the links to the description.

Personally I don’t hang on orgmode. If there is another package (e.g. some wiki or HTML) package that allows me to show links and launch them, that would be enough.

My goal is to have links that point to websites (to be opened in a browser), text files (to be opened in ST3), local directories (to be opened in operating system file manager) or to office files (to be opened in office programs).

For those links I would like to see a clickable shorter description. I don’t know if that is possible in ST3.



Sounds actually like you want a personal wiki in the editor. So I looked for Wiki under Package Control. There IS a package there that sounds like it might be close, but it also says it’s no longer being maintained so your mileage may vary there. There’s another that tries to tie into Mediawiki but I didn’t really grok how they inteded it to be used (at least from my admittedly VERY cursory scanning of the description.)



Folding the links to their description is currently not possible with the api, so I wouldn’t exepect a package to do that.