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Is it possible to set a default folder for project files?



is it possible to set a default folder for project files?

I save my project files (xyz.sublime-project) all in one folder under st3/_projects.
When i open a project (Menu -> Project -> Open Project…), i have to choose the folder manually every time.

It would be cool to have a setting for a default folder for project files or even better, that sublimetext saves the location automatically.

mfg Tobias

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I’d like to bump this up as I have just migrated from adobe brackets and their project manager is very simple.

I dived in and paid for sublime because I am going to be using it quite intensely.
I find myself having to navigate through folders over and over again just to get my project files up on the screen.
I also find that projects are being overwritten with other projects, I’m not sure why this is. I “switch project” and the same files appear as the previous ones.

Here’s my suggestion for how it should work:

  • Launch Sublime, if a project was previously open then reload it.

  • If not, there is a default project view which is what you see when there are no projects loaded, this is saved and reopened when a user selects “close project” in the project menu.

  • When I want to turn my default project view into a new proeject I click project -> create new project. I give it a name and sublime automatically puts the project config in sublimes data folders somewhere, there’s no reason for me to care where it goes as long as I can select it in the project manager.

  • Project manager could easily be put into a view like this:

Project management becomes effortless -> you guys earn a million bucks -> world peace.

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Well not sure if you are aware of it, but ST has a quick switch project (usually ctrl+alt+p) that will show you your recently opened projects.
Of course it has its own drawbacks:

  • Unable to remove one instance from it without removing all (clear recent projects cache)
  • Can’t open the project in a new window… instead it only replaces the current project

But AFAIK this would be the most optimal way to work with multiple projects. you just need to go to the folder of the desired project and open it once and it will be available as recent project in the future…

The point of having to choose where to save the project file, IMO is because you may want to share the same file with other people or just have them wherever you want… maybe having all in one place is good for you (it is for me as well) but other people might like to have it in separate folders. :wink:

I usually work with the project replace window… or just go in “Project -> Open recent -> …” which opens a new ST window for me!

Hope this helps you




Yes i know the quick switching of recent projects, its one of these really cool features that makes sublimetext what it is.
But like you already said, sometimes you have to clear the cache completely or delete just a single project, or what else, and then you have to reselect the projects manually, and then you have to click your way through the folders. Ok, it could be worse, but it would be perfect if there were some setting for a default_project_files_location . :wink:

mfg Tobi



having a central storage location for all project files is simply a better way of organizing things. it would be FAR easier to open a project from the dozens I have if i didnt have to keep browzing to the directories that contain the project related files. Why cant there be a .sublime sub dir? it would just make more sense!

create a new project, it gets created in .sublime. There can now be a project browser that simply looks in .sublime for a project file. It would also mean NOT having to have dross in the projects SOURCE directory. I already have to deal with having .svn trash in my source tree which annoys me greatly (and just to nip this in the bud git is HORRIBLE. Its horrendously over engineered and is difficult to use unless your on a HUGE project with 38465896 other developers).

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I too store all my project files in a single folder and would love to be able to set a default directory to always use when choosing “Open Project”. I keep the project files in a folder on a development server using all UNC pathing in the project files and then any developer here can open the project files.

For now, however, my best alternative that I’ve come up with (on Windows), is to add my projects folder to the Favorites area in Windows/File Explorer.



5 years later from the initial post on this thread, and we’re still waiting for the feature to specify one default projects folder (directory), perhaps to be specified in Preferences.

How hard could this be to implement? It doesn’t have to be a mandatory feature, just an optional setting would do.




ProjectManager, pretty much works like this.
I’ve been using it for years and helps me keeping my projects centralized. By default (on windows) it puts the project files in /AppData/Roaming/Sublime Text 3/Packages/User/Projects/ but this can be changed in the Preferences.



Solution founded.

It’s Really amazing feature.

Preferences -> Settings -> paste this “default_dir”: “your/favorite/path”

And you are done.

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