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Imo, every action listed in the menu should be exposed to the command palette as well. That includes packages and their “open Settings” commands. Sadly, only few packages do this.


How do I disable word wrapping?

Configuring sublimes settings via the command palette (much like a plugin provides support for) would be a good one to have native support for as it feels much more intuitive and in most cases faster.



Customized title bar, and Menu Bar with background-color & font-color
Importance: Minor

Description: ST like a very beautiful girl but wearing a very old hat.No matter how beautiful clothes can not save the regret caused by the hat.

And, if themes can modify the Menu Bar’s background-color & font-color,it seems to be more harmonious and beautiful.

If the title bar and menu bar can be combined together, it will be better.



Fix the bugs of UI Localization (1)
Importance: Major
Description: There’s no setting used to localize this part of the picture:

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Fix the bugs of UI Localization (2)
Importance: Major
Description: The caption of toggle menus…

Whether it can be like this:
“caption”: “the caption to be show||the caption to be hide”,

When ST read the “||” contained in the caption, to deal with it as a toggle menu.

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Fix the bugs of UI Localization (3)
Importance: Major
Description: There’s no setting used to localize these parts of the picture:

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By modifying the EXE file, these can be localized. But this is not good. At least, it’s too tired to keep up with the pace of the upgrade.




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Strengthen the sidebar
Importance: Major
Description: Show the headers tree of MD file in the sidebar, and click the header to jump to the corresponding location. This is better than Ctrl+R (goto symbol).

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Support for sidebar customizations like the color-coded system for git integration in Atom:



Add the possibility to change the background color of match_selection, right now is only possible to change the border color.



It would be great to be able to hide tabs per pane. This is useful if you have a REPL (e.g. SublimeREPL) with a single tab below your main pane and don’t want to waste vertical space for that one tab.



I would like to see an option to make highlight line only apply to wrapped line when editing wrapped text, rather than the entire line, if that makes sense. The highlight line feature is useful for keeping track of where the cursor is, but it is currently not much use for editing long paragraphs.

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My suggestion is to change an existing behaviour when the Input Panel is closed when an output panel opens.



Not sure if this falls into API or interface, but I would like to have the option access arbitrary settings from build systems. Build systems are currently quite inflexible; the shipped build system is rarely applicable on all platforms in all situations. Specifically, I would like to be able to add settings so that users can set their own executables and flags, without having to recreate the whole build system. Variables would allow this:

Build system:

	"cmd": ["${fortran_gfortran_binary:gfortran}", ${fortran_gfortran_flags:[]}, "${file}"],

User’s settings file:

	"fortran_gfortran_binary": "/usr/local/bin/gfortran",
	"fortran_gfortran_flags": ["-O3", "-fdefault-real-8", "-etc"]

In the above example, it would be great if the variables could be lists, as demonstrated.

Importance: major



Using a string as the base argument would obsolete the necessity of list expansion, which is invalid JSON and would require an updated JSON parser (over-engineering).

That said, having a settings expansion for example like in keymap contexts would be nice.

    "shell_cmd": "\"${setting.fortan_gfortran_binary:gfortran}\" ${setting.fortran_gfortran_flags} \"$file\""

If this was also made available for snippets and completions, we could probably use configurable indentation styles without relying on generated hand-crafted .tmPreferences plist files.



Set color per folder in the project - and make the editor tabs have the same color.

This makes it easy to see wich tab belongs wich folder - sometimes you have the same filename in difrerent folders and a bit of color would help.



I think it would be great if the Python console’s input textbox was highlighted using the Python syntax definition.



Most plugins use the send2trash python library. So, just look in your trash



If the ST devs choose to do this, please make it optional. I love the current way show_input_panel works.