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Im in VSCODE hell at work! lol


Due to the zombie apocalypse we are all working from home and that is in different states for most of us - I am working with a co-worker on some code and were doing it over a vscode collaberation session. There are some horrendously destructive bugs in vscode such as it constantly getting out of sync, totally mangling files if the file on the disk is newer than the one it has cached… constant problem after problem!

any chance ST3 could get a collaboration mode allowing two remote people to share the same edit session on the same files in the same directory on one or other of their machines at the same time?

that would be awesome!

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Remote Collaboration inbuilt?

I know @TheSecEng is working on a plugin for that but I don’t know how it’s going on. And it’s for ST 4 I guess.

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It does indeed appear to be for ST4.

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Hey ! As noted by @jfcherng and @michaelblyons I am currently working on LiveSession which has a goal to provide a similar experience to LiveShare.

The current state of it is very Alpha. It works for sharing a session and allowing clients / participants to view the host editing the files in real-time but does not currently support editing in collaboration. This feature is actively being developed and will be implement. It is just a matter of when. There are a few things that ST4000+ needs to support to provide a more fluid experience and there are Feature Request in place for them already.

Some details about LiveSession

  • AES Encryption of content (VS Code achieves this via SSH Tunnels or Encryption over TLS if SSH is unavailable)
  • TLS Encryption - runs on 443 with a Lets Encrypt certificate
  • Communication happens over secure web sockets
  • Sessions are identified by a UUID (CF8C4B27-29E6-4B95-B73E-A5FC918DDD4C) and also require a passphrase which is a UUID as well.
  • Encryption keys remain client-side at all times. The server is never able to decryption the content of the session except for (Host, Client, Region Info (Not Content))

Also, I am always looking for contributors and individuals to test with :slight_smile:

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Might want to update the READMEs, then. They make it sound like encryption is still WIP.



Also CodeStream is working on that:



Thanks for that information.

Sublime Q4 2020

I wonder their plugin will utilize ST 4’s API. Iirc, their is no way to accurately get text changes in ST 3.



@mark4, although real-time collaborative editing is not a new concept it’s still hard to find full-fledged support for this feature in desktop editors and IDEs. I remember stumbling across a FOSS editor that was designed to natively support multi-users real-time editing over the network, but unfortunately I can’t remember its name.

Also, most RT collaborative editors seem to focus on text (markdown, RTF, docx, Word, etc.) rather than code.