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How to recover lost unsaved files?


I know it’s a bit of a long shot, but I’ve lost a bunch of unsaved buffers from Sublime Text 3.

I’ve been using Sublime Text since “forever”, and I guess the fact that my files would survive a quit a restart made me complacent, and I had a bunch of files I just never saved. I think after I installed the Gradle and Kotlin plugins using Package Control, I restarted Sublime Text 3, and upon restart, I noticed all my old buffers were gone.

I’ve looked in %APPDATA%\Sublime Text 3\Local and I do see a Session.sublime_session, Session.sublime_metrics and License.sublime_license there, but the latter two are just 1KB big (too small to contain all my data) and Session.sublime_session is a plain text file, but I don’t see my data in there either.

Am I just out of luck now?


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I don’t know if you can recover your files or not, but an auto-backup plugin might save you from the same hassle in the future.

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The only answer to this is backups.

ST has to store the file contents between restarts somewhere, and that is either the workspace file of your project or the session file somewhere in the application data folder (Data/Local/*.sublime_session). If you have backup of these files, you should be able to restore the contents.

Otherwise, ST is potentially not the right app to keep a lot of unsaved text snippets around. Consider storing these snippets in an actual folder on your hard drive or use any other program of your choice for managing text snippets.



You might be lucky and find an older copy Session.sublime_session~
ending with character ~


Recover unsaved files lost because of killed application [OSx]

Thanks for the tip, I found the session in the project folder :slight_smile:



I can’t find the any sublime text folder in Application Support folder. Can you please tell me the path where you found your project folder!



I’ve recently lost all my temp files after installing an update. That was very inconvenient.



I’m not sure if you can recover all of your lost files. But maybe you use data recovery tools, such as Bitwar data recovery, minitool, recuva, etc. to have a try.
Good luck.