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How to create a new language?


Normally, I have to use F7 to toogle the console. But I wanted it by default at startup.

Do you mean, some directive inside the *.sublime-snippet file to include another snippet? There’s no functionality for that yet, I can add it to the todo list though.[/quote]

No, but it’s a good idea :smile: In fact, I meant something like this :

${1:path} and ${2: ${3:optionnal arg}}

Cool, thanks !



re: console, you can put:

--command "showPanel output nofocus"

on the command line, and that’ll show the output panel at startup.

re: snippets, you can nest them that in that manner, your example should work fine.



Thanks for the answers Jon.

You were right, the nested snippets worked well (so I suppose you’ve build a grammar for them).

[quote=“jps”]re: console, you can put:

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–command “showPanel output nofocus”

on the command line, and that’ll show the output panel at startup.[/quote]

Ok, so why not setting up an option for that feature inside the configuration file ?



The way the panels work should be getting a revamp in the not too distant future, I’ll take a look at in then.



Dumb question: Once you’ve created this file for a new language, where do you put the file? (in ST3)?

Is it ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Packages/User/MYLANG.tmLanguage ?