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Half output is showing


As clearly visible in the image after entering the number there is no output generated. Can anyone help me I am new to subline editor?
I used ctrl + B to execute, also tried ctrl + shift + B and everything else.



I am on my mobile right now but the short answer is that the default build system (the thing that executes your code when you pressctrl+b) uses the exec command from Default/ to execute the code and display the output of the code to an output panel. There is no way you can enter something into the panel and hope that the code will continue executing. Any interactive program will be halted forever. There are many answers on the forum. Just search for “Python build system input”. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to link any of the excellent answers on this topic from my phone, but this should get you started.



You can’t read input from the build window. What you’re trying to do doesn’t work.



For reference, here is a solution: