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Gutter Active Line Foreground Color


How do we change color of active line’s line-number in gutter?

Impression: Google ‘sublime active line-number color’ 1,270,000 efforts to figure this out. Sublime text documentation, nothing specific to exact Sublime behavior. It’s as if Sublime developers locked in EXTREME struggle to never allow. All agree, because we’ve all been there. Except Sublime team can’t just hit my delete button… There’s a method? Can’t stop wondering.

Background: Aug 2011 › Jan 2016, contributor nicollo.mineo asked this question, even showing amazing active line-number color in VIM app.

ACTUAL REAL line number highlight color. Amazing!:joy:
(I’m going to cry until there’s a solution posted here, tissues please)



NO ANSWER! Specific behavior… A while ago I was referred to a Python page where Sublime theme syntax for the highlighting of numbers was discussed. My conclusion, it’s so complex that noone can figure out what to call the gutter number of the active line. Tried various scopes but nothing works for me.

PERHAPS in addition to key-strings and scopes they do some PHP and other things to setup new theme access to coloring application behaviors for gutter active line foreground color (and any other terms i missed there).

 <string> gutter number of the active line </string>
 <key> #hexcolor </key>

Tangle with <scope> tags and let us all know if you find an answer.



Being dishonest isn’t going to help your case here. That user asked the question you are asking in January 2016. The post from 2011 was about the whole-line highlighting, which was implemented during the ST2 beta.

No, we just have plenty of different things to work on and prioritize. What we decide to prioritize is going to match up with some users, but not others.

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wbond, no one tries harder than you.

This is as far as Sublime has gone. Everything except gutter active line foreground highlights (plural to invoke possibilities).

<key>gutter</key><!-- gutter background, -->
<key>gutterForeground</key><!-- gutter numbers -->
<key>lineHighlight</key><!-- gutter background active line, gutter only "highlight_line": false -->
	<string>#0f0f0a</string><!-- 3E3D32 -->

Note: lineHighlight will color background exclusively in gutter alone if Preferences use “highlight_line”: false.

EDIT wbond thanks for pointing out my date error. Being honest, one notices that the gutter syntax is… unusual, with gutter and lineHighlight and Preferences for highlight_line all bunched together. Humans being predictable, two things are going on here. To find/construct syntax, confront a messy tangle. Likewise, Sublime will make things just so, and assemble working editor solutions.

FOR NOW, we will use these 3 key-strings and a Preferences setting to max out current Sublime theme possibilities.

IMMEDIATE USE of the missing theme enhancement will be to select multiple lines with only last line selected getting the stand-out gutter ACTIVE LINE-NUMBER color… Every time I code an indexed series of data cascades using CSS and HTML I wish my selections could get deliberate that way, with a visualized guide system that focuses on last line selected. Gutter foreground color seems a useful way to bring that focus.

~ We all get tangled.



When I get to publishing mode on a project (all the indexed goo tied down), then i get predictably prosaic, and drift into paragraphs of ideation [“highlight_line”: false]. Drove everyone wild with impatience in education years, but arguing A-A+ is still where we end up. So I start moving paragraphed ideas around. Sublime is the most deadly accurate collator on our planet. It is also reassuring to see with a stand-out Gutter Number. Exactly where my last paragraph in a group of say 20 ad hoc paragraphs will lay out. This is very different from indexed data assembly, where attributes and classes have to line-up just so. But in the end, its all the same organization of rampantly chaotic human thought. One collection, structured computer code. Another collection, equally structured human compassion… We all have lots to work on. It is curious that you have let slip basic organization for so long, and so chaotically. Interesting.



Wbond. Honestly! Bamboo is my current LOVE. Webkit and all that genius, far beyond anywhere that I’ll ever visit. Here’s how I got honestly addicted to discombobulation… wish there was a thinking manual this beautiful.




HOPEFUL! Radish touches on a possible solution here, 3 months later:

Highlight current line Oct 2017

I hope you revive and highlight of current active line number happens. Should be key-string in tmTheme files.