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Goto-CSS-Declaration (ST2 and ST3) - UPDATE: v0.3


question: "Is it possible to cycle through ALL definitions between all opened css(in my case scss) files?

because it is not working for me, for example i have three scss files opened, he always pickes the last one and only cycles in this file, although there are also declarations in the first scss file. Would be nice if he goes to the next file when he reaches the end of one file.



Now supports both ST2 and ST3!



UPDATE: v0.3

99% refactoring

+ Fixed: search and switching between tabs is working correctly.



Hey, this update is not working for me. v0.2 was working perfectly for me. I don’t know what happened with this update. Is there anybody else with the same problem? Please share if there is any solution for this.



Can you make it include all project files rather than open files? Should be no problem is it? Some people like to spread their shit over 100 files.

Oh yeah and it doesn’t work either way.



I would go as far as saying I’m desperate for a solution which allows me to quickly go to a CSS declaration across my project, regardless of whether the file is open or not.

Modern and large web apps contain vast amounts of css files and declarations. Given how fast sublime is at finding general text, I can’t see why this should be limited to open files only.