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Fast switching of build systems


I’d love a fast-switch for build systems, similar to ctrl+alt+p to switch projects. Maybe the shortcut could be ctrl+alt+b
I usually have to define a number of build targets (debug/release/final + variants of those), and navigating the menu isn’t ideal.

I’d also like a way to remove the default ones from the list (e.g. I don’t need a haskell build system in the list if I am working in a C++ project).



I have since found a plugin that mostly does this, called “Build Switcher”.

It is limited by a few things however:

There is no API support to get the build system list for the plugin to function properly, so you have to manually define the build system names. (at least according to the plugin, has support for that been added since? The plugin doesn’t appear in the package settings list so it may be old).

There seems to be a limit of 8 build systems you can assign to a project. More than that does not appear in the build system list and is not switchable. This is unfortunate because I have 20 different build targets I need to switch between. (Developing a C++ application that supports 4 target platforms and debug/release/profiling/final support for each of them).

I’ve also since discovered that I can delete the sublime-build files to remove the default ones, but you are still restricted to 8 build systems in a project.



I would like this as well, I currently use two different build systems for a few languages. Would be nice to quickly chose which one. Maybe some sort of modifier for command-B to popup window instead.



Why don’t you use variants ( and a keybinding for the Command Palette:

{ "keys": "ctrl+alt+shift+b"], "command": "show_overlay", "args": {"overlay": "command_palette", "text": "Build: "} }

Not exactly what I want, but good enough.

I’ve asked a few things ( that IMHO make Build system more usable.
But as usual, there was no answer so I suppose my requests are stupids.



One feature I would really love to see is one that the Chrome browser (and possibly others) are doing. If you log into your account the account has stored your installed extensions and preferences, so wherever you use chrome you will have the same experience. Same extensions, same setting same everything. It is really great.



This is already available: