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External Diff/Merge tool


One thing I cannot live without, is my Diff/Merge tool I’m used to.

Any plans on integrating opening the file in an external tool? Sublime Merge does already a fantastic job, but well. External tools are a need, at least for me.

And thanks that the git (cross-platform) UI war is now (close to be) over. If Sublime Merge matures all others will have a hard time. Sourcetree is a lost case anyway. Gitkraken, well. Sluggish and a memory hock. Tower? Tried it several times, debugged for them. Allways falls short in detail. The others available, too weird most of the time.

Thanks a ton and huge kudos to Jon and the team!




Please add the ability to use external diff/merge tools. In my case, Araxis Merge is a big part of my development process.

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Ditto. i use kaleidoscope on mac, it can be invoked by command line ksdiff A B where A and B can be two files or directories. Maybe it can be done as a package?



Out of curiosity, what Diff/Merge tool do you use?



Hey, that’s a cool idea actually. I think I might add something to SideBarTools, so you can send any two items from the sidebar to an external diff tool. Sounds easy enough.



Allright, SideBarTools 1.7 is out now with a compare command. You can configure the command to use (globally, or per project, or whatever), and it will appear in the sidebar context menu when you select 2 files or 2 folders. So you can use opendiff or bcompare or ksdiff or what have you. More info:

Let me know if that’s useful for you!

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I made a customized menu, link here, assuming you have git difftool setup (refer to git documentation for that)



thankyou for your help moiraine



I’d love to see built-in support too. Ideally I’d like to specify a default external diff/merge tool (such as BC) but override that for some particular file types (for instance, I might prefer Kaleidoscope for .tex diffing).



Agree, I like Sublime Merge but I got used to DiffMerge as a merge tool