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Dev Build 2134


Dev Build 2134 is out now.

Firstly, the side bar can receive input focus, and is navigable with the keyboard. To give input focus to the side bar, you need to click on an already selected item. You can put input focus back to a text buffer via pressing escape, enter, or ctrl+1. I’m planning to adding an explicit key binding to set focus to the sidebar, but it’s not there yet.

The find panel has also been changed to only have two fields, rather than three. The previous “In Files” and “In Location” fields have been combined into a single “Where” field. There used to be special values and to search open files and folders respectively: now they will be implicitly searched, unless a path is explicitly given. The “…” button should provide a guide on the syntax accepted by the Where field.


Dev Build 2134
Looking for some keybindings
Prevent preview of binary files


And thanks again!



So cool, this is great. I noticed some strange behavior on OS X – if you click in the sidebar in a blank area below the Folders area to give focus (this was my first guess on how to give focus before reading your post here), the Goto and Command Palette commands don’t work by keyboard shortcut (cmd-shift-p, cmd-t, etc).

Excellent improvement. The new Where field is much more intuitive.



We must click twice now to open a folder in the sidebar… why :frowning: ? Can you put it back so that we only have to click once ? It would be greatly appreciated !



Thanks for adding folder highlighting. Now is pretty clear which folder will receive your actions ( delete, rename, etc )
Also thanks for keeping the selection when pressing a twisty, this is handy on some situations.

Almost there with multiple selection, if it is supposed to work is not working. I’m patient.

Talking about the sidebar I would like to see:

  • Persistent selection : a change of tab or focusing the buffer clears the sidebar selection. ( probably by something like auto “locate in sidebar” ) Keeping the selection is handy for when you want to apply repetitive commands on multiples folders or files. Example computing the Git diff for two or more folders while at the same time you may change code from buffers. It would be nice to get an option to disable auto “locate in sidebar”

  • Tweak the preview function. At first it was strange to get a buffer automatically opened when clicking a file. Then started to be handy. It needs little behaviour improvements. Here is some ideas:[list]
    *] When you right click a file, don’t preview the file. If you want to preview the file simple click will do that. When right clicking
    you are going to rename, move, cut, copy, etc is very likely that you don’t want to see the file contents. The problem is not about the preview, the problem is that when you return to the buffer after your file operation the buffer has changed to something else from an unrelated operation.

  • Make it easy to close the preview. If you click a file the preview will open and to return to the previous buffer you need to locate the tab which is difficult. Probably pressing “ESC” while in a preview will close the preview. Or if the preview is about a tab already opened, ESC should return to the previous focused tab.

  • Allow to turn off preview. Even if by design, there is people which don’t want to lose focus of current buffer even if the world collapse.

  • Very minor probably on the todo list: binary files are opened as preview. It would be nice to skip that type of files from the preview.


Folders should receive selection when clicked, then you will be able to execute actions on these, receive keyboard events or append and remove from a multiple selection.
To open a folder dblclick or click the twisty as in others trees which allow multiple selection.


Extending SideBar, questions, suggestions
Request to allow disabling of "Preview Tab/View"

Oh, about the Find Panel.

I have found just one big problem. The character to separate the options is a comma, if not to late: it should be something else not allowed in a file name, Such “|”. Currently the “reveal” option and the “Find operations” gives you an error if some directory or file name contains “,”. Kinda problematic when present.



Nice update, I like the find “location” changes.

The issue I mentioned for 2133 (which might have been around for longer), is still present in 2134, details copied below:

Another odd issue I’m experiencing.

Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2
Build 2133

If I resize the Sublime Text 2 editor window wider and narrower using the right hand edge, one of the following situations can occur:

  • If the mini-map is hidden, the cursor goes into mouse down lock and forms a text selection, that tracks the cursor even though the cursor is up. Clicking the mouse will release the selection and returns to normal editing.

  • If the mini-map is visible, and the issue triggers, text can’t be typed at the cursor until Escape is pressed or the cursor is clicked inside the edit area.

The issue doesn’t always trigger, but it does occur about 50% of the time when doing the resize.

Is this a Lion issue or something with Sublime Text?[/quote]



Find now finds backwards, and Find Prev finds forwards, on OS X 10.6.7…



I really like @Tito’s suggestions for the sidebar.

Thanks for the update!



Anyone else getting doubled results in the find in files results list?

It’s listing every found file twice for me.



I think CTRL+0 should bring focus to the sidebar.



I had several crashes with this build when i tried to open files with ctrl+p (enter) shortcut :frowning:
Win7 - version 64bit.



Can we get an option to always show the fold buttons? My brain works better that way… :smiley:






Its about time! WOOT!

Thank you



You probably have the “reverse direction” option selected in the find panel.



[quote=“buymeasoda”]Anyone else getting doubled results in the find in files results list?

It’s listing every found file twice for me.[/quote]

This appears to be because it’s searching project folders as well as open files, and if a file is open and also in a project folder it’s searched twice.



[quote] sleet wrote:
I had several crashes with this build when i tried to open files with ctrl+p (enter) shortcut :frowning:
Win7 - version 64bit.[/quote]

me too, switched back to 2133

Crashed when using quick panel, not only for opnening files.



Currently, the default search is in ‘Open files and folders’. What exactly does that mean? Am I searching the whole project or only the open files? How can I change this to the whole project (which I think should be the default)?



“open folders” are the folders that exist in your project.