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Detect indentation with 3 spaces is broken


Hello there,

As I mentioned in the title, i dont know why but the indentation with 3 spaces is broken in PHP files with “DocComment” in Windows. 2 or 4 spaces are work well but 3 or 5 spaces are not.

If i write any code in php with phpdoc and 3 spaces it works good without saving it. But when I save the file, close the file and open that file again, indentation cannot be detected almost every time (10-9, 10-8). But sometimes (10-1) it works. I really dont understand what the problem. I really love sublime text, i dont want to download vscode or atom. Sublimetext is the best editor for me but also i am obsessed with 3spaces. :slight_smile: I cannot give up neither Sublime Text nor 3 spaces-coding.

I tried to disable detect_indentation setting but this one is not what i wanted.

And last, I haven’t installed any plug-ins yet.

Here is my settings:

My Sublime Text Version: Build 3207
My OS: Windows 10

	"tab_size": 3,
        "translate_tabs_to_spaces": true,
        "detect_indentation": true,
        "use_tab_stops": true,
        "smart_indent": true,
        "auto_indent": true,

What i wanted; (Not Broken)

What it looks like (Broken)

Sample Code

class Test extends TestAbstract implements TestInterface {
    * Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet 
    * Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
    * @param string $test
    * @param array $testArray
   public function __construct (string $test, array $testArray) {
      if ($test == $testArray) {
         return false;
      } else {
         return true;


Last, I’m bad at speaking-writing English. So, sorry about grammar. :slight_smile:



Looks good to me with
PSR-2 MUST uses 4-space indentation by the way.



Yes i know psr standarts but for my “own” one-person projects i prefer 3spaces.

I installed that plugin now and still not working. Although 3 spaces are set in the setting file When I open the php file written with 3 spaces, 2 spaces appear to be set. When I set it back to 3 spaces and close the file (not the editor, it’s okay if I open the file after “closing the editor”.) and open it again, it happens again.



Did you see the following message when opening a file?

If not, I suspect that the plugin is not loaded. Restart your ST then.

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Another way is to create a .editorconfig file and use

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Now after i close editor and open it again, i saw that message and indentation detected correctly. Thanks a lot for the plugin suggestion. I will use the plugin until this error is resolved.

I hope sublime team fix this problem as soon as possible.

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We’ve taken a new approach to detecting indentation that will be in the next release. It handles all the special cases from AutoSetIndentation correctly.

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May also close issues mentioned in :smile:

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FYI, I marked all issues that @bschaaf is declaring as “fixed in the next release” with the 3209 milestone so we can try reproducing the issues and verify that they are indeed fixed. In this case, I also marked those referenced by AutoSetIndentation and crossreferences within the issue list because we obviously don’t know the extend of the fix.



Sorry if this is a dumb question - but, are these edge cases for indentation detection fixed as of build 3211? No need anymore for AutoSetIndentation plugin?



I just did some tests with problem_files/ in AutoSetIndentation. I don’t think it gets fixed in 3211.

But it seems to have been fixed in ST 4067 according to my tests.

There is “Improved automatic indentation detection” in the changelog of ST 4050.



ST4??? I did not know of such a thing
I am a registered user… is there a place I can go to try these builds?



You can find it in the official discord chatroom.

jps 2019/11/13

Links to the first public build of Sublime Text 4 are below. There’s a lot of changes, and probably a fair few things that are broken, so I’d appreciate it if these links weren’t publicly shared, but just kept on Discord for the moment. I’ll put it up on when we’ve had a chance to iron out the first round of issues. Note that there’s no auto update from your existing Sublime Text install yet, and there’s no Linux package repositories either yet - both of these will be coming later. This is a dev build, and as such requires a valid Sublime Text license key to use.