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Changing the default file encoding


Hi there,

I’m working on a large project in which all files are encoded as Windows-1252 (or CP1252). Sublime Text 2 opens and writes all files as UTF8 by default, which is really annoying. It basically screws up my workflow. It means I always have to reopen a file with my desired encoding. I expected a setting to overwrite the default encoding settings, but up untill now, I haven’t found a way to do so. I’ve seen ST’s command list, which is probably used by plugin developers, and it does list the option “openWithEncoding”, which makes it quite possible that I’m just overlooking the feature (see:

Does anyone have an idea to solve this without having to work around it?




Besides that issue i ran into too i would love to see the set encoding of the file in die lower bar



Hey pesla,

here is a bigger topic about encoding but there is no “good” solution for your problem (I have the same). Maybe jps will see the problem…



Thanks for the replies guys. This will be holding me back from using ST2 for now, which is a shame really.