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Changing tab to mean tab


I tried to change the preferences so that typing the tab key causes a tab.
The code was:

// Settings in here override those in “Default/Preferences.sublime-settings”,
// and are overridden in turn by syntax-specific settings.
“ignored-packages”: []
“tab_completion”: false,
“auto_complete_commit_on_tab”: false

Now when I start Sublime Text there is an error message “Error trying to parse settings: Unexpected character, expected a comma or closing bracket in

I am not an expert, and did not know one had to be one to be able to make Sublime Text type a tab character. I would be grateful for advice how to do this.
This is Version 3.2.2.



You are missing a comma after the square brackets of ignored-packages, instead of [] you should have [],



Keymap files are JSON, and this is not valid JSON; if you use the default settings in the left hand pane of the window that opens when you choose Preferences > Settings as a guide, it’s more clear that you need one set of { and } characters framing all of the settings, and that the settings inside should be separated from each other by commas.

So your preferences file should look more like this:

"ignored-packages":[ ],

There’s a bit more information on this in this video on fixing package file errors.



Many thanks. This code does what I wanted.