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Change the BG Color of the Build Panel (new ST2 Build 2165)


Hey everyone

I just installed the newest ST2 build, and it changed the background color of the Build panel to this:

The new color is quite annoying combined with my current color scheme (Monokai); the panel’s background color is just very distracting since I build the documents every minute or two.

I just wanted to ask if there is a possibility to change the background color?

Thanks in advance.



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Is there really no possibility to change this?



\Packages\Theme - Default\Widget.sublime-settings

{ // "color_scheme": "Packages/Theme - Default/Widgets.stTheme", "color_scheme": "Packages/Color Scheme - Default/Blackboard.tmTheme" }


How to set the colors in the console?

What do I need to do to make this work for ST3? I followed the directions EXACTLY, however the build pane look exactly the same when I hit b

Surprisingly, what actually changed was the colors of the “find” and “find & replace” text field; as well as the Sublime Text “console” window. Pretty much everything except for what I wanted. :frowning:

So, what actually changes the build window colors?




Saw this in posting.php?mode=reply&f=2&t=14591, but didn’t have anything worthwhile to add there so just posting here. Understand that this is a community supported forum. Whether you paid or not doesn’t really have any effect with regards to if/when your questions get answered.

To answer your question, it appears the color of the build panel is controlled by the color scheme now, whereas in ST2 is was controlled by the widget colors. From a quick look, it doesn’t look like you can specify a custom color scheme for the build panel. I could be wrong about that though, I’m no expert at the how color schemes are applied.



The color of the build and find results panels aren’t separately assignable, they follow the main color scheme.



Hmm… I just posted a screenshot showing how to change the colors for the find results panels.

Also, previous screenshots show that it was possible at some point to change also the build panel color. I was hoping someone who knows the inner-workings of ST3 to see if there’s at least a hack to do this.

that were true, I wouldn’t be able to change the find results colors in the above screenshot. I thought if that’s already possible, there’s also a way to



You are using ST3, the original workaround was for ST2. This just means that the internal architecture has changed. I believe jps’s comment was referring to the find results panel (e.g. what comes up when you do a find all), not the search panel. Though I could be wrong about that. Well unless you manually change the setting of the view. If you can find some way to get the view of the build panel as it comes up, you could probably use the same technique to set the color scheme for that.



Yes, I’m using ST3. It makes me wonder if the advantages for ST3 are worth it to stick with ST3. From what I’ve seen it looks like ST3 development has pretty much been abandoned.