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Capitalize first letter of completion after punctuation



I have made a good amount of completions of unfinished sentences. I would like to auto-capitalize the first letter of all my completions if it follows a punctuation mark:
Trigger: FX
Completion: for example

Hello there FX --> Hello there for example
Hello there! FX --> Hello there! For example
Hello there, FX --> Hello there, for example
Hello there. FX --> Hello there. For example

I know I can make two completions, one with the first letter capitalized, the other without capitalization, but I don’t want to have different triggers for the same sentence.



I would also accept a keybind solution, that edited the first letter after the last punctuation make (or ! : ?):
Trigger: FX
Completion: for example
Change first letter after punctuation to capital: ctrl+shift+space

Hello there! FX --> Hello there! for example {ctrl+shift+space} --> Hello there! For example