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Can you still not record macros of find and replace?


I saw some posts from 2014 saying it is not possible. Is that still the case?

Is there a plugin or a workaround?

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I’m working on a solution at this very moment.   I ran into some issues, but some of the guys on the forum helped me out & I’m back on track.

There is a good amount of functionality I’ll be including, such as:

  • Find & Replace
  • Select Until
  • Working with multiple views
  • File loading & saving
  • Looping basic commands like move { "by" : "words" }, so that you don’t need sequential instances.
  • & a bunch more

I’ll be posting a thread with a lot more info in the next few days.   I’ll keep you posted. :wink:

Here is a sample macro from the error thread which shows a minimal demonstration of it’s functionality:



This GIF from the same thread shows that script in action ( the error has since been resolved ):

Error Demo

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