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Bug: Sublime text crashes when Sourcetree looks for changes in files through symbolic link, and those files are open in sublime text


I have noticed a crash issue and it has been bothering me for a while. I traced it to Source Tree, and a symbolic link because the crashes immediately stopped when I removed the symbolic link ( I only kept it for ease of access through one of my dedicated servers - all of them share from a common location except for files which are unique to each server - this folder which was shared was one of those unique locations ) and the crashes stopped.

I did notice a few issues prior which led me to the symbolic link: When I had sublime text open, and I changed a file, and then clicked on Source Tree, which then looks for changed files through the symbolic link, sublime text would crash instantly.

When I removed the symbolic link, and source tree complained about the path no longer existing, and I updated it to the correct path without it going through a symbolic link, the crashes didn’t continue.

So when source tree queries files for changes, through a symbolic link, and those files are open in sublime text - sublime text crashes.

I tried removing all git related plugins, but sublime text has one built-in which may be the source of the crash. I have most of my plugins disabled except for my mapper but that looks for files in a different location and those symbolic links work fine ( in the appdata sublime text 3 packages dir ).

Basic layout:

c:/servers/server_example/game/gamemodes/example/client/something.ext is open in sublime text

Source tree looks in c:/servers/server_other/game/gamemodes/example/client/something.ext with example being the link inside server_other/game/gamemodes/ to server_example where the original resides in the game/gamemodes/ dir.

The path is also a git repo.

Hope this helps. If you need dump files, let me know.



I haven’t been able to reproduce this. Do you have a folder open in Sublime Text or just that file? Which directory(s) is/are a git repository? Which version of Sublime Text, Source Tree and Windows are you using? A dump of the files would help immensely if that’s possible :slight_smile:


    // Shows git repository information next to files in sidebar and in
    // the status bar. Sublime Text has to be restarted for this to take
    // effect.
    "show_git_status": true,

Did you try turning this setting off to disable Sublime’s internal Git support?