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Basically all I'm hunting for in such a plugin is a fixed scroll point that is 1/4th to 1/3rd the way up the screen, without taking any of the usual functionality away, especially not something that gets used all the time, such as setting the insertion point via mouse click.
I just added option in BufferScroll to shift from the “centred” line by any amount, positive or negative number of lines. So you can keep the scroll point anywhere



EDIT: Nevermind, the author fixed this in a matter of minutes!

Hi, bug report here.

It seems that along with the wanted properties the current set syntax is also saved. This means that setting a new default syntax for a given extension will not work, since the new defualt will be immediately overwritten with the one saved by your plugin.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open a file
  • View > Syntax > Open all with current extension as…
  • Select the desired new default syntax
  • Open a different file with the same extension

The file will be opened with the previous syntax and not the new default one. You may also notice in the bottom right hand corner a brief change in the selected syntax when the plugin overrides your choice. If you disable the plugin and repeat the steps everything will work as expected, proving the issue.


  • Disable the plugin
  • Manually set the new default syntax for every file


Guys, has anyone got a problem like me that on sublime text 3 the buffer scroll doesnt remember folds? It just resets them after a few seconds, or when a file is saved. What is wrong?



must be some preprocessor or something like that. also if a file is reloaded the editor does not send the on_reload event



Where does BufferScroll keep its state? I’d like to keep that shared between my different computers.

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BufferScroll use the file path of the file as key to keep the state and that is highly unlikely the same on different computers. Thats why is not saved on the packages folder.

In any case the path is Packages/…/Settings/BufferScroll.bin.gz



Thanks, I’m already syncing path = Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Settings/ but this will help be diagnose what happens when it’s not synced.



How come this isn’t in package control anymore?



I too wonder why BufferScroll isn’t in Package Control… related to that, all of titoBouzout packages are removed from Package Control…



Tito removed his packages because he refused to use SemVer. SideBarEnhancements was added back under a different organization name because it was his most popular. It’s suspected at that point some code was injected to track users. See Wbond’s comments in this Hacker News thread:

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So How can I install manually the package?

I’ve windows 7.

I’m looking at:

the package should be in the package control official repository, but my sublime text 3 doesn’t show it



No, it should not. The author specifically removed it from Package Control. We will respect the author’s wishes in this regard.

The only method of install that the author supports is described at

If you want to, you can use the Package Control: Add Repository command and paste to install whatever happens to be in the st3 branch.



Thanks. All is right. And I agree with the decision of the author.

I tried to add the repository, but without /trre/st3 and simply nothing happened.

Now I finally found BufferScroll.



I’m not aware of the backstory, but I looked at the thread and am confused: is BufferScroll spying on users? I installed it manually, but maybe I shouldn’t? (It’s the only way I’ve found to get persistent bookmarks.)



No, its maintainer added data gathering code in another package on behalf of Kite. That code has since been removed and no other packages in Package Control are known to have any such “features” (excepting cases where it’s explicitly stated and central to the package’s features). BufferScroll is safe too. It is not featured on Package Control because Tito has pretty strong opinions about semver (of all things…). So, yeah, the guy makes peculiar choices. You can always just fork and install manually if you don’t trust it.

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