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Bilingual spell checking


Chrome now have spell check multiple languages:

Whether it is planned to make similar in Sublime Text 3? For example, I write texts in Russian and English. Examples spell check:

Many words highlighted in red wavy line. But almost of them is not an error, it is the English words. I spend a lot of time to find the real typographical errors in a set of correctly written English words.

If function is entered, it will be very good.

  1. I install LanguageTool plugin, but developers of LanguageTool don’t plan add multilingual spell checking.

  2. I united files Russian.aff with English (American).aff and Russian.dic with English (American).dic as this tutorial. But result is no good.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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I have exactly the same problem but with English and Spanish. I don’t use sublime text spell checking anymore because I go crazy with false erros.

It would be awesome to have the ability to spell check multiple languages at the same time.

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Yeah, but not very practical. Everybody would want their own language(s) represented.
How many languages would there be? Sublime Text does not have the resources of Google.



Maybe I misunderstood but I was talking about activating current dictionaries, but multiple of them at the time or something like this.

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add your votes (reactions) to this:



More programs use Hunspell as Sublime Text. Can try to find extension for another program. I try use in Sublime Text Firefox Russian-English Bilingual addon, and it successfully worked for me.

But for single language spellchecking package LanguageTool — the best solution with many nice features.