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Any Timeframe on Sublime 3


Do we have any timeframe on the release of 3? The last beta update was in December.



It would be great to see the final Sublime 3 release so I can give Jon some money for the upgrade.

I’ve been using version 3 beta practically every day for nearly a year. Despite the occasional glitch (on Mavericks), I’m very happy with the new features and overall stability.

In the past I’ve made minor contributions to the Ruby bundle for TextMate, so it would be nice it was more obvious how to contribute to the included bundles in Sublime Text.




I’m not sure why you want to pay money for ST3. As it is, it crashes a couple of times every day and needs quite a bit of bugfixing…



I think they mentioned in another post it is planned for later this year.

As for me, ST3 is currently very stable.



It works fine for me.



I’ve been using the development versions of Sublime Text for several years. I don’t mean to contest your experience when I say the editor has never crashed for me. Touch wood. I use OS X and Win7, with varying sets of plugins for ST.



I have yet to experience a crash on Sublime be it on my own computer or at work. Have used both version 2 and 3 with several plugins installed on a day to day basis for about two years now.



me too, using ST3 since it’s first preview… NEVER seen a crash (with 5hours/day daily use with tons of file open. PHP, JS, MD, C# + dozen plugins)

now i’m starting using it less but only because i’m moving my main development into PhpStorm, keeping ST open for all other side jobs

maybe it’s OSX or my configuration a bit more stable than other’s?



Same here, ST3 has never crashed on me, either that or I really don’t remember when it happened.

And I thought I have abused it quite a bit by using a portable version and share the same copy on three different machines using Dropbox. One can imagine potential issues with the loading/unloading of packages over different ST instances seeing the same dropbox folders, especially one of the instance is ALWAYS on. I had to avoid sharing some cache and index between machines, but I don’t think it ever had a real problem. Even when I customised/fiddled with different packages all the time during the first couple months.

My usage is nearly every hour and everyday at work. It almost always occupies my screen. About 30 packages installed plus several my own customisation, including a few default packages. Machines are win7 64bit.

Just share this to add a record in case one day it would be useful for someone to identify to ST3 stability issue, if there is one.



If you want to crash ST, try

{ "keys": "ctrl+l"], "command": "insert_snippet", "args": {"contents": "${1/./=/g}"} } (see

Anyway, I’ve always used dev builds without critical issues. There are some kind of bugs here and there, but they aren’t really a deal-breaker - not even when using it in production environment, even though I you won’t get my word on that.

For the “best” timeframe you can get currently, refer to ST still alive?.



I’ve also never had a single problem with ST3 and have been using it on Windows, Mac and Linux with several different target languages since the day it was released.



Well there’s your problem :stuck_out_tongue:



Yeah, I was kidding. And on that note, perhaps the best way of fixing all this is for Sublime to drop Windows support. :smiley:



Windows is where I use ST 3 the most. Windows 8.1 no less!



I can’t wait for the day where people will stop hating on windows 8… Each OS/product has it’s focus, same goes with releases of said product.
OS bashing is a waste of data imho.

Back on the main topic, I would like to at least see a dev build dated 2014… Not that the current one (3601) is problematic for me, but because people are getting worried about their beloved tool.
I’m sure the project leader is aware of them, and I imagine that a good part of the users knows them too, but there’s a few rumors going on, including that “ST3 is dying”.
I understand that the end of “active development” does not mean that a product automatically stops working, and that the developer probably has reasons why the situation is as it is right now, but I don’t understand how someone with a paid user base can let their customers hang like this without reply to direct questions for several months.



I expect this thread to be locked in a near future :smiley:

This evasive answer only say jps take a break, a break could be anything from 1 day to 10 years or more…
Based on the last connection to this forum from jps (Jan 30, 2014), I think it’s hard to believe he (can ?) still have a strong commitment to this product.



Meh…I don’t think we can jump to saying there is no way he can have a strong commitment. The man started this company by himself. Considering how long he has done everything by himself, it doesn’t surprise me he probably burned himself out and needs a break. I am sure he didn’t anticipate how big Sublime would get, or the toll it would take on him to be the sole employee of the company. The fact that he fairly recently hired some people (one person?) to take on tasks shows that he felt like he had too much to do. It wouldn’t surprise me that he may be going through growing pains as a company, or simply realizing that he needs to change some things to keep things moving forward. Sometimes people need some time to regroup, refocus, and even recommit.

I’m not saying being gone for as long as he has is good for a company or even bad, I am just saying I understand why a one man company might resort to a long hiatus. I think taking certain measures could probably have kept him from burning out, but I imagine running your own company is a learning process.



Would you believe it’s ST?




Forgive me, but in the context of this thread, this post seems random…what are we looking at? Was this meant for another thread?